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Happy Tuesday ladies! Today is the big day… I’m talking about my first blog post on fitness! So in the last few days a lot of things have happened. I received my lovely New Balance gear and there will be a post soon with all of those goodies! I also received some very important fitness tips from Holly Perkins!

Today’s tips are crucial to maintaining your fitness goals. So go grab a notepad and a pen because hopefully you’ll learn something new here!

  1. Make the commitment: Instead of working out sporadically, sit down and focus on your weekly schedule. What days in the week are flexible enough for you to fit in a workout? Write these days down and add a note onto your calendar to remind you of when to work out.
  2. Ask yourself this: Why do I want to make a change? Do you want to become healthier, get back into shape, or something else? For me it’s all about my health. I used to have high cholesterol and acid reflux so exercise has become a regular routine to maintain my health!
  3. Set some goals: I like to create a goal poster or inspiration board with everything that I would like to achieve within the month. The more things that I am able to do, the better!
  4. Reward yourself: Treat yourself once in a while because you’ve followed your goals. Fitness is a personal thing and a great body can definitely make you feel better. At the end of the month, go treat yourself to that cute top you’ve been saving for- it’ll probably be in a smaller size now too!

I hope that you guys will follow me on this journey to a healthier lifestyle and perhaps even join in on the fun. Until next time, good luck!

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Meagan is a junior at the University of Tampa working towards her Communication degree. Currently a Creative Services Intern for Bright House Networks, Meagan produces commercials and graphics for local businesses and for fashion blogs. She has worked at a daycare for six years and has a love for children-especially her kindergarteners! She has had a passion for television production since the third grade and in her spare time, she attempts to learn as much as she can about the newest technology. Like most girls, Meagan loves shopping and makeup-she is a beauty guru on YouTube as well. A true believer in milk chocolate and laughter, she always loves to have a good time, whether it is with friends and family, or with her kindergartners at her daycare job. She hopes to pursue her interests in design and television production while in college.
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