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Keke Palmer Is A Pro At Reinventing Herself & She Knows It

Keke Palmer is all about reinventing herself. Any millennial or Gen Zer who’s followed her career from Nickelodeon to now knows that Palmer’s been evolving throughout most of her life. “As a performer, you’re always reinventing yourself, whether that’s through acting or time,” she tells Her Campus in an exclusive interview. “I’m all about improving yourself and taking things to the next level. No matter how long you’ve been around, there’s always an opportunity to give yourself a little update.”

Going from a child star to a television host and entrepreneur, Palmer — who’s partnering with Chips Ahoy! on a rebrand of their famous cookie — has worked hard to get where she is today. If you feel like she’s always going viral for some hilarious interview or press moment, it’s because she is. Making people laugh comes easy to Palmer, a self-proclaimed “meme queen,” but don’t ignore how hard the 30-year-old actress is working. 

Palmer has consistently added to her Hollywood resume since being a young star, appearing in blockbusters like Hustlers and Nope and releasing solo music. She’s won two Emmys, one for Turnt Up With The Taylors in 2021 and the other for her work on NBC’s Password. Palmer’s also been nicknamed “Keke ‘Keep a Job’ Palmer” thanks to her many partnerships with iconic brands over the years, from Uber Eats and Olay to her current partnership with Chips Ahoy!

So how has Palmer been able to transform into a renaissance woman of the entertainment industry? “Social media is a loophole that allows me to tell my own story outside of the different red lines I experience as a traditional talent,” she says. “I get to bring the authentic me to the table and have a direct connection with the people who have been supporting me for years.” 

Palmer’s ever-evolving career is a testament to her hunger to push the needle of entrepreneurship. The next stage of her life, however, transcends her own career and focuses on helping other young creatives get their foot in the door. “My next big goal is to help create opportunities for others in all areas, from entertainment to the tech space, through my network KeyTV,” she tells Her Campus. “We’re continuing to unfold what we can do to help young creators of color get the same opportunities that I’ve been able to have.”

And her one piece of advice for any young person trying to find their passion and establish their career? “Stay focused, stay persistent, and stay flexible. Don’t be so rigid in your ideas that you don’t allow the universe or God to take you in the direction that’s actually meant for you.” Whether Palmer walks on the moon or on the Oscars red carpet first, there’s only one direction she’s going next: up.

Fabiana Beuses is a senior at Florida State University double majoring in Media/Communication Studies and English (Editing, Writing, and Media). She is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at FSU. She previously served as Her Campus' Summer 2023 Entertainment & Culture Intern and is currently a National Culture Writer, where she profiles celebrities and professionally fangirls over pop culture phenomena. When she's not polishing her latest article, you can find her browsing bookstore aisles, taste testing vanilla lattes around town, or rewatching the Harry Potter series for the millionth time.