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Katy Perry Might Make an Appearance in a Taylor Swift Music Video & I’m So Confused

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been in an ongoing feud for what seems like an eternity. But, some recent clues point to an end to the longtime feud between the female singers. According to E!, it’s a possibility that Perry will appear in Swift’s music video for her song “End Game” off of her new album Reputation, which is hopefully a sign that they’re done being angry at each other. 

No, nothing is confirmed just yet, but some recent photos and a video surfaced of what is clearly a music video shoot in Miami, where Swift is seen dancing in front of some back-up dancers. Another image showed her with Future, revealing the music video has to be for “End Game,” where he’s featured.

The video of the dancers has caused fans to ask questions about whether one of the background dancers was Katy, who happened to be in Miami shooting a cameo around that time, a source told E!. If you watch the leaked video, one of the dancers *does* look like Katy — but who knows, it could also be anybody. 

If the speculation is true and Katy is one of the dancers in the video, does this mean they’re burying the hatchet? I sure hope so, because like Perry sings, the two singers are hot and cold when it comes to how they feel about each other. To look back on this year alone, Perry was especially wishy-washy with her feelings about Swift. In May, Katy wanted Taylor to “finish it” when their feud was brought up. Then, a couple months later, she said she forgives Swift for everything. What does she want? An all-out fight until there’s a winner, or a peaceful end to the war?

When you look at Swift, she’s all revenge and has stayed mostly silent, aside from all the Easter eggs in her newest album Reputation, which may point fingers at Katy. Though her album takes some serious digs, Taylor has yet to verify if any of her lyrics are directed at anyone in particular. Who knows, maybe she wants to end the war too and having Katy in her video is the way to show she’s moving forward.

We’ll never know until the music video drops and one of the singers talks about it all, but I hope it’s the end of an era. The feud has been so drawn out and petty — can’t we all just love one another?

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