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Justin Timberlake’s New Music Video ‘Supplies’ Gets Political

Justin Timberlake just released a new music video for “Supplies”, a track from his highly anticipated new album, Man of the Woods. While our previous experience with JT music has been smooth R&B songs and music videos, Timberlake goes in a political (and dark) direction in the video for “Supplies.” 

The video immediately dives into social issues. Timberlake starts by facing a wall of videos dealing with the political issues consuming America today, like the #MeToo movement, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, racism, immigration, police brutality, etc. 

Then, JT seems to be in this weird dystopian city. In one scene people are painted white, which might have to do with race issues, but there are also crocodiles so honestly I have zero clue. He then participates in protests for…something? While there, a girl with a “p***y grabs back” shirt lifts a car, which is cool I guess. Feminism, right? Sure. 

After a steamy scene with his lover in the music video, played by Eiza Gonzalez, he emerges from the dirt ground. For this final scene, Justin and Eiza Gonzalez stand with some children amid the rubble of a destroyed city. One child steps forward, saying to the screen “Die already. Die already. You’re still asleep! Wake up! Just leave. Please. For good.” 

Reactions were mixed. While I was confused after watching the video, this guy seems to have figured it out. 

Other people did not react to kindly to the song.

Some were just as confused as I was, especially about how the lyrics to this song somehow lead to the creation of this music video.

Also, still waiting for hot lumberjack Justin Timberlake. I thought this was Man of the Woods, but I have yet to see this man in the woods. 

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Abby Piper

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