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Justin Timberlake Went To Visit An Injured Santa Fe High School Shooting Survivor & My Heart Is Melting

Justin Timberlake recently paid a visit to one of the Santa Fe High School shooting survivors, Sarah Salazar, during the Houston stop on his Man of the Woods tour. Salazar, a huge fan of JT, received a gift from the singer and got to snap a photo with him.

Sarah’s aunt, Norma Islas, set up a GoFundMe to help fund Sarah’s surgeries and recovery process. According to the page’s story, Sarah’s shoulder was shattered, along with having multiple fractures within her ribs and mandible. Sarah is now in ICU, fighting to get better, and is currently intubated and will require several more surgeries until she is fully recovered. “To God be the glory that she is still with us,” the last sentence of the story reads.

So far, the page has raised over $21,000 of their $60,000 goal. We all know medical bills aren’t cheap, so it’s sweet that the power of the internet can bring together people to help Sarah recover as smoothly as possible. There are a mix of anonymous and named donators on Sarah’s GoFundMe page, with donations ranging from $1-150.

Sonia Lopez-Puentes, Sarah’s mother, told E! News that Sarah is going to have shoulder replacement surgery soon and will have to keep her jaw wired for six weeks. 

Our fingers are crossed for Sarah’s speedy and healthy recovery, and for the students who have to return to school this week for the first time since the tragedy occurred on May 18.

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