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Jungkook’s Solo Album ‘Golden’ Is A Subtle Nod To BTS & The ARMY

With the release of his solo debut album, Golden, BTS’ Jungkook has unveiled a new side to himself. The anticipation for the album release of has been met with nostalgia from those who watched him grow up in the award-winning K-pop group, as well as a wave of love from both fans and casual listeners. Sprinkled with hits and easter eggs that pay tribute to his history and growth as a member of BTS, the record highlights this new phase in Jungkook’s career and showcases his love for his former group and their fans all from its title. On Oct. 3, Jungkook’s record label, BIGHIT Music, announced that his debut solo album would be called Golden. While the title name might not be a big deal to most, it is for BTS stans, as they know the special significance Golden holds for the singer.

A reference to the nickname “golden maknae” (which roughly translates to the “golden youngest”), Golden is an adjective BTS fans are very familiar with, as it’s been Jungkook’s trademark for a while. Initially given to him by the ARMY, the moniker was adopted by BTS members to symbolize how exceptional JK is at, basically, everything he does. Golden has followed Jungkook through much of his career with BTS and has even been turned into fan chants for the song “Euphoria,” the title for JungKook’s vlog project “Golden Closet Film,” and more.

With eleven tracks in total — including previously released singles “Seven (feat. Latto)” and “3D (feat. Jack Harlow)” —, the debut album is “inspired by Jungkook’s golden moments” and pays tribute to BTS, as well as the band’s official fan club, ARMY.

On Oct. 10, BIGHIT Music released three concept photos for the album, which were titled “Substance,” “Solid,” and “Shine.” In one of the photos, the number 0613 was graffitied in the wall behind Jungkook.

For those who don’t know, the number marks the date when BTS’ official fan club, ARMY, was established: June 13, 2013. It seems like JungKook intends to show his gratitude to his fans and is paying tribute to those who have been supporting his dreams since the beginning of his career.

Golden will be released on Nov. 3. Following the album drop, Jungkook will hold his first solo concert, Golden Live On Stage, in Seoul, Korea on Nov. 20, which will be available for fans to livestream.

Isabella Gemignani

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