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Jordan Peele Will Make You Think Twice About ABC’s First Black Bachelorette

Since Monday night, Bachelor Nation has been discussing the “historical” choice, as creator Mike Fleiss puts it, to make a woman of color the next Bachelorette. In the franchise’s 33 seasons, Rachel Lindsay, a 31-year-old Dallas attorney, will be the first black lead.

While promoting his new film Get Out on Jimmy Kimmel Live, comedian-turned-director Jordan Peele had to comment on the announcement, considering Kimmel revealed the news on his show.

While he’s excited for Rachel to be the Bachelorette, Peele doesn’t believe that having a black lead will ensure a diverse cast. “You know it’s not going to be populated with a bunch of brothers,” he said. “There’s going to be two brothers, and there’s going to be, like, 20 white dudes, and they’re all going to be saying, ‘Hey, you know, I love Beyoncé. I just wanted you to know that.’”

“I feel like this Bachelorette season is going to be inspiration for Get Out 2,” he joked.

Kimmel then asked Peele a question that some fans are certainly pondering right now. “If there are 30 bachelors for Rachel, what is the appropriate number of African-American Bachelors?”

Peele gave the perfect response. “The representation should be equal to the representation to this country.”

Well said, Peele! Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until spring to see how the season turns outs.

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