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Twitter Has A Theory About Antoni & JVN’s “Relationship” Announcement

It’s no secret that our generation is addicted to the people on reality TV. People always want to get the inside scoop on what goes on inside the real lives of these reality stars, especially in their dating lives. This is nothing new to fans of Queer Eye: two of its main stars, Jonathan Van Ness (or JVN) and Antoni Porowski have always joked to their fans that they’re an actual couple IRL.

But today? Well, they took things to a whole new level.

In 2019, both JVN and Porowski shared several seemingly romantic photos, but then admitted that the rumors were not true and they were just really good friends. However, out of the blue today, JVN tweeted that the pair were “finally together” and there are “more details to come tomorrow.”

I know, I’m just as confused as you are. 

To make things even more complicated, Porowski made made his own announcement on Instagram.

Another Queer Eye star, Bobby Berk, only added to the confusion, commenting “Ha! Here we go again!” with the laughing emoji. Huh?!

But it’s not just Berk. Fans are Twitter aren’t really buying this announcement, and are starting to question whether or not this may just be a promotion for a new brand. After all, “together” could mean a lot of different things. This has Twitter wondering: are they hiding (or holding) something more than a relationship? 

If you didn’t know already, JVN already has their own up-and-running business, JVN Hair which was founded in 2018. Porowski may not run his own business yet, but he does have two successful cookbooks. Could he and JVN be cooking up a new business venture?

One of the main theories that fans on Twitter are speculating about is that the two are starting an alcohol brand, especially with Porowski’s caption saying that they are “giving things a shot” and it looks like they could be holding drinks in their hands out of frame. A Queer Eye-approved alcohol brand? Here for it.

As of Sept. 14, JVN also changed their Instagram handle from @JVN to @jvntoni — updating their profile to only pictures of themself and Porowski and changing their bio to say, “A love that is.”

Another reason why people have been quick to deny that JVN and Porowski are a couple is that JVN is actually married. In an Instagram post on Dec. 31, 2020, JVN announced that they got married to their best friend Mark Peacock. The couple, in a seemingly monogamous relationship, appears to be very much still together as they showed up to the Emmys together on Sept. 3. 

However, there’s always the possibility of an open marriage or polyamorous relationship. And if that’s the case: I wholeheartedly ship.

So, maybe JVN and Porowski are finally giving us the relationship we’ve all been shipping. Maybe it’s an alcohol brand. Or maybe it’s something we never could’ve guessed. Whatever it is, I sure can’t wait to find out more details about their collaboration tomorrow! Can time speed up, please?!

Caitlyn studied at UCLA where she majored in English and minored in film. She loves writing about all things lifestyle and entertainment related. When she is not writing articles, she loves going to hot yoga, reading, and binge-watching One Tree Hill for the hundredth time!