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Haley Lu Richardson Kisses A Nick Jonas Cutout In The Jonas Brothers “Wings” Video

The Jonas Brothers released their new single, “Wings,” and its music video today, featuring White Lotus actress Haley Lu Richardson, a huge fan of the band. The actress, surrounded by friends in very colorful, shimmery outfits, kisses a Nick Jonas cutout and is surprised to find the brothers in an elevator at the end of the video.

“Wings” is the Jonas Brothers’ first release in almost a year and a half. The single, which is the first track in their latest album, The Album, set to be released on May 12, is apparently a love song with a twist, according to J14 — capturing the band members’ relationship with their significant others who gave them the confidence to live their lives fully and find true meaning. 

Initially, the album was going to be released on May 5, but the band pushed back the date by a week to May 12 to give it a vinyl release as well. The Jonas Brothers also announced on Feb. 24 that they’re headed to Broadway in NYC for a five-night residency — each night will highlight a different album. They’ll be playing at Marquis Theater March 14 through18. As they shared on their Instagram, “Your boys are back in town.”

The Jonas Brothers are definitely back — but not just in New York — back for all of their fans. The song is short but sweet, clocking in at less than two minutes long. And for many fans, it evokes middle and high school memories of growing up with the Jonas Brothers. The song really is gorgeous, with lyrics like “You are the one the sun the light of day/You are the wings that need to fly away.” 

The “Wings” video stars Haley Lu Richardson. The actress is known for her role in the Disney show Shake It Up and for playing Portia in the popular White Lotus Season 2. In December, she shared she was a massive fan of the JoBros on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Nick Jonas later called into the show to surprise her. Now, she’s starring in their music video. 

Richardson shared on her Instagram that filming the video “was the most surreal day of my entire existence.”

In a lot of ways, the music video is a symbol for so many fans who are in love with the trio. 

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