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jonas brother performing on stage
jonas brother performing on stage
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“Vacation Eyes” Is About This JoBros Wife & The Lyrics Are Spicy

As a lifelong Jonas Brothers fan, I can happily shout from the roof that The Album is out. It’s been four years since the brothers last released an album, leaving fans eager for their second album since reuniting in 2019. With live performances of songs like “Waffle House” and “Wings” popping up on YouTube and TikTok, and the anticipation for their upcoming 2023 tour, it’s clear that the Jonas Brothers are gearing up for a summer of fun and a new album consisting of certified bops. The Album gives JoBro fans what they have always loved: incredible vocals and lyrics that will warm your hearts.

While fans are listing their favorite songs off of The Album, many are also curious about the lyrics of their new favorite JoBro songs. One of my favorite songs off of The Album is “Vacation Eyes,” which is guaranteed to be on your playlist all throughout summer. If you’re a JoBros stan and you’re curious about the meaning of the Jonas Brothers’ “Vacation Eyes” lyrics, don’t worry: I’m here to answer your questions.

Wait, what is a Dutchie?

If you’re like me, you probably immediately Googled the word “Dutchie” as soon as you heard it in Vacation Eyes. Within the song’s opening lyrics, “When it’s just me, you, and the moon / And I got a little dutchie in my left hand,” it’s clear that this will be another JoBros classic love song. However, there’s a high possibility that you may be questioning what a Dutchie is, or if that’s even a real word. 

I’m here to tell you that yes, it is a real word. If you look up the definition of Dutchie, you’ll find that it’s slang for a cannabis joint. Now you know!

The “Vacation Eyes” lyrics are very sex-positive.

From the outside, “Vacation Eyes” can be seen as a song about enjoying yourself on vacation. However, the Jonas Brothers decided to be more experimental in their lyrics and production during the making of The Album. Inspired by the ‘70s, the lyrics talk openly about sex on vacation, such as “I don’t need my feet in the sand / ’Cause when your body’s up in my hands / I get vacation eyes” and “I just want to reach out, treat you like a landslide,” giving fans the opportunity to see the JoBos being more open and honest in their lyricism.

“Vacation Eyes” is about how one of the JoBros met their wives. 

This might make you swoon for a split second: “Vacation Eyes” is inspired by a real-life meeting. In an interview with Variety before The Album’s release, Kevin Jonas explained the backstory and meaning behind “Vacation Eyes, using his relationship with wife Danielle Jonas as the backdrop for the song. “‘Vacation Eyes’ is based on how my relationship started with my wife,” he said. “We met on vacation, and continuing that love story every single day is how I want to live my life.” 

Kevin and Danielle met in 2007 when both of their families were on vacation in The Bahamas, and continued to see each other until they got married in 2009. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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