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I’m Cackling At These Memes Of Jason Kelce Meeting Ice Spice At The Super Bowl

I never would’ve thought Jason Kelce and Ice Spice meeting would be one of the best moments of the 2024 Super Bowl. On Feb. 11, all eyes were on Super Bowl LVII, arguably one of the biggest nights in sports, with the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs facing off for the second time after battling it out for 2020’s Super Bowl LIV. But, for me, the most exciting aspect of the Super Bowl every year is the various celebrities or stars who appear during the show. One such appearance came from none other than Jason Kelce, the older brother of the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce, who was spotted throughout the night interacting with singer Ice Spice. And let’s just say, the memes are too good.

Kelce was caught on camera meeting with Taylor Swift in the Luxury Suites viewing station during the game, and fans could also see that Swift introduced rapper Ice Spice to Kelce, who accompanied Swift to the game alongside her long-term friend and actress Blake Lively.

The brief interaction surprised live viewers because it was such an unexpected encounter, and they couldn’t help but laugh at how this moment was not expected on their 2024 bingo cards. Fans of the rapper and Kelce alike took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to give their thoughts on the meet-up, resulting in some of the most hilarious memes.  

People seriously could not believe these two were interacting. It was just so random.

The internet was losing it.

The memes were absolutely hilarious.

But, for the most part, everyone was living for this duo.

If loving Jason Kelce and Ice Spice is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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