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Spotify’s New Jam Feature Gives Everyone The Aux At Once

Spotify users are in for a treat as the streaming service just launched a brand new feature on Sept. 26: Jam. Being the dedicated person on aux for your friend group can be tiring — it’s only a matter of time before you run out of songs or artists to play next. No need to worry about that anymore, though. Spotify has you covered with their new Jam feature. So, what’s Jam in Spotify? It’s a brand new social feature that lets you and all of your friends get the aux all at once.

Spotify came in clutch when they came out with their Blend feature, allowing you to collaborate with other Spotify users to create a playlist. Now you have the ability to suggest a queued song on your own phone. With this exciting addition, Spotify takes on the role of the ultimate musical companion.

Jam redefines the way we listen to music with friends. Jam is a real-time listening session for any group all in one place together. It’s a private listening session for you and up to 31 friends, and it’s available on iOS and Android. You can join Jam and add your song to the queue with all your friends, and Spotify will also generate suggestions to add to your queue based on you and your friends’ collective musical taste. Everyone gets the opportunity to pick their own song, making it accessible for everyone. This feature empowers everyone to contribute to the playlist, ensuring that no one feels left out, and everyone gets to hear the song they want to jam out to. (Pun intended.)

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Here’s how it works. To use this feature, a premium user will initiate and start a Jam and become the host. Then, the host can share the Jam with other premium and free users. Joining is a breeze — you can automatically join if everyone’s on the same WiFi, or if your Bluetooth is enabled, you can tap phones with the host. If all else fails, the host can show the Jam’s custom QR code or send a share link to friends via text message. Once you’re in, hit Add Songs in the top right corner to add what you want to hear!

The host has the ability to pick and choose who is in the Jam, move around the order of tracks listed, and has final say in which songs are in or out. If you’re usually on aux, make sure you start the Jam and solidify your role as the host before it’s claimed!

Jam Image spotify

Beyond just enhancing the music-sharing experience, Jam opens up exciting opportunities for users. It’s perfect for gatherings, road trips, or even first dates to discover one another’s music tastes. Whether you’re discovering new tracks together or breaking out nostalgic favorites, Jam gives a sense of inclusivity and discovery to your music. It’s not just about the songs; it’s about connecting with friends. With Jam, Spotify is bringing people together on a personal level, one song at a time. 

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