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J-Hope’s ‘Hope On The Street Vol. 1’ Album Includes A Feature With Another BTS Member

Is there a BTS reunion in the works? With the upcoming release of J-hope’s newest album, Hope On The Street Vol. 1 and the accompanying docuseries already streaming on Prime Video, a collaboration on one of the album’s title tracks with none other than fellow member JungKook makes an occasion like this even more memorable. 

After promoting new projects in February 2024, HYBE Labels released a highlight medley from J-Hope’s newest album on Feb 26. The highlight medley included a range of tracks with some interesting features. Since ARMYs been freaking out over new music in the BTS fandom since the release of fellow member V’s all-English single on March 15, many ARMYs are anxious about what to expect from J-hope’s latest album. 

When Is J-Hope’s Album Coming Out?

Hope on the Street Vol. 1 is scheduled to be released on March 29 at 12:00 am EST/9:00 PM on March 28 PST — after the release of the album’s title track “Nueron.” Along with the digital release, physical copies are also expected to hit shelves on March 29. 

What’s Included on Hope On The Street Vol. 1’s Tracklist?

The tracklist for Hope on the Street Vol. 1 is star-studded and I, like the rest of the ARMYs, can’t help but fangirl over all of the features. 

The first track is a solo version of “On the Street.” If you recall, J-Hope released “On the Street” with rapper J.Cole on March 3, 2023. Since this new rendition of the song will feature J-hope alone, I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Other tracks on the album include “Neuron” featuring famed rappers Gaeko and Yoon Mirae and “Lock/Unlock,” which features famed producers Nile Rodgers and Benny Blanco. There’s also a dance mix version of J-Hope’s song “What If,” which is off his 2022 album Jack In The Box

What drew the most attention from ARMYs was a feature by none other than fellow BTS member Jungkook on the song “I Wonder.” In Episode 2 of Hope on The Street, J-Hope introduces “I Wonder” through a combination of performance and narration about the song’s creation. 

When addressing his thought process during the song’s creation, he says, “I was just curious [about] what my future would be like and whether I would still like the things I do now in the future. I think I was curious about that in general. I wanted to express that.” Jungkook and J-hope were also seen in the recording studio together working on “I Wonder” in the end credits of the second episode, and it already sounds like a banger from the snippets.

Another aspect that simultaneously thrilled and surprised K-pop fans was the appearance of fellow labelmate Huh Yunjin on the song “I don’t know.” Huh Yunjin is a popular Korean-American vocalist and  member of LE SSERAFIM, a five-member girl group signed to HYBE labels and Source Music. There isn’t much information available about this collaboration, but it makes the release much more exciting!

What’s included in the album? 

The album is available in two versions: Ver. 1 Prelude and Ver. 2 Interlude, each of which will feature a CD, a photobook (also described as a photozine in the product specifications), lyric book and poster, two photocards, and a sticker set.

The two versions highlight the different locations that J-hope visited in the docuseries Hope On The Street, with the prelude focusing on Gwangju and Seoul and the interlude on Osaka, New York, and Paris. There’s also a Weverse version of the album with comparable items to the original versions, including a photobook, photocard, lyric book, and user guide. There is also a Target exclusive version of the CD, which includes an additional exclusive postcard.

Will there be a Hope On The Street Vol. 2?

As of right now, there is no word on whether a Vol. 2 of Hope On The Street is in the works, but with the album title referencing Vol.1,  Vol. 2 seems to be a possibility!

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