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I Just Found Out About a War Hero Cat & My Heart Is So Full

There is a famous cat out there that is a war hero with a medal and everything for his courageous acts. Honestly I am ashamed I didn’t know this earlier. And now you know about him too. 

 Simon, our spotlighted hero, as Time notes, is the only cat to ever receive the highest animal military award. The Dickin Medal for gallantry was awarded to this furry friend after his bravery in 1949.

After being found in a port in Hong Kong, Simon was brought on board the British ship Amethyst to help rid the rat infestation. While on board the Chinese Communist forces attacked the ship, sending the soldiers on board into a 101 day siege. They had very limited sources and Simon single handedly destroyed those rats, helping to keep the crew fed until the siege was over. Besides this, poor little Simon had suffered some injuries, including a burn to his face. He didn’t let this stop him from being the most helpful kitty on board ever.

via Pigeon Frame

Once the crew returned to safety, news spread about Simon’s fearlessness, and the fan mail came flooding in. The star had to get his very own naval officer to sort through all his written admiration. He was awarded the Dickin Medal which is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, being the highest honor for an animal.

Via Meowingtons

Sadly, Simon passed away a few weeks after making it back home. He was buried at PDSA’s Animal Cemetery with full military honors. He still remains the most distinguished cat in the military’s history for obvious reasons. Just look at his cute face. Simon kicked ass and has gone down as a legend for all felines out there. We stan.

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