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How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume for Halloween

If you're looking to dress as a super-heroine this Halloween, look no further than Wonder Woman! As an Amazonian warrior princess who can deflect bullets, she's arguably one of the toughest, strongest and coolest female comic characters of all time. She's got that run-the-world mentality that we love, and you can't deny that her outfit is adorable!

Thankfully, if you want to dress up Wonder Woman, you don't have to spend a ton of money on an American flag leotard. It's actually fairly simple to make at home, using pieces that are already in your wardrobe, a few thrift item pieces, and a little bit of crafting.

First, let's talk outfit. Everyone knows the standard piece of Wonder Woman's outfit: the red bustier leotard thing (that seems to have a miraculous amount of support, if you ask me!). If you don't happen to have one lying around, go with a red bathing suit! Believe me, you won't mind having the straps. If you've already packed away your summer wear, though, any tight fitting red shirt will do. Tank tops, especially, will evoke that Wonder Woman look. You'll also need a gold belt. Head to a craft store and pick up some gold material. Cut out a star for the center piece of the belt, and then loop the rest around your natural waist. If you're up for it, attach a little gold at the neckline for a little more flash!

Next, the shorts: thankfully high waisted shorts were all the rage this summer! If you don't have dark blue, a dark wash jean short will work in a pinch. You can also try blue running shorts or spandex, since that is a standard part of the Wonder Woman outfit. If you aren't feeling that, though, wear a blue skirt! Wonder Woman was a skirt girl in her earliest days. Don't forget to add the iconic white stars. Cut out a few from construction paper or white fabric (think old pillowcases) and attach them to your shorts or skirt. Basically, it should look like the bottom of your outfit is the blue part of the American flag!

What would Wonder Woman be without her accessories? Her bullet-deflecting wrist armor is a must for this outfit. If you have any thick bangles, that could work, or wrap tin foil or metallic fabric around your wrists. And you're going to need some killer shoes. Mid-calf at least, in gold, red, white, or blue! If you don't have anything like that in your wardrobe, you can wear whatever is comfortable, and make a fabric sheath for your leg, or cover some existing boots in some gold material! You'll also need a gold headband with a star on it. It should be worn down on your forehead, similar to a tiara, and you can make it with an old headband and some gold fabric. If you're not great at crafting, you might have to buy this piece at a store. While you're there, grab a lasso, too!

Last but not least is hair and make up. Wonder Woman runs around with flowing black locks, so leave your hair long and down! If you don't have long black hair, though, you can always grab a wig to complete the outfit. Wear natural make up that just makes you look pretty. Think blush, a soft red lipstick, and just enough eye make-up to make your look pop.

That's it! This outfit is totally doable at home, and it's a great way to play a classic heroine this Halloween!


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