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How to Make a Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume

Nicki Minaj is not shy when it comes to style. We’ve loved some of her looks and (more often) been completely bewildered by others. Either way, with all of the rapper’s crazy outfits, she is the perfect go-to for a Halloween costume. To make her outrageous look a bit easier to obtain, we’ve provided a list of how to make three of her outfits your own. We tried to keep this as DIY as possible, but there may be some things you need to purchase if you wish to truly embody Nicki Minaj.

To start off, for any Minaj costume, you’re going to need some crazy hair. You can go for a wig or just drop a few bucks on colored hair spray. From there, simply choose which wild look you want to imitate.

‘60s Nicki Minaj on 106 & Park

If you’re not daring enough for some of Minaj’s other outfits (and we totally understand), go for one of Minaj’s looks from a few years back, inspired by the 60s when she appeared on 106 & Park. Pile on thick chains on your wrist. If you don’t have any or can’t find any, feel free to just pile on bangles. As long as a good fourth of your lower arm is covered, we’re good to go! Just make sure you don’t forget a few matching necklaces.

Slip into a nude-colored skintight dress and rock a pair of eye-popping heels. Minaj went for more of a salmon color, but feel free to wear whatever you already own. To get the rest of her look, try wearing a pair of neon orange legwarmers.

Nicki Minaj in Pom Poms
Recreate Nicki Minaj’s look from Carolina Herrera’s spring 2012 show with many pom poms of an assortment of sizes and colors, glue, fishnets, a bright pleated skirt, hot pink socks, and shoes Anna Wintour would never approve of.

Dig one of your old, battered shirts from the bottom of your dresser. Make sure it’s a shirt you won’t miss because you won’t be getting it back in its original condition. By the time your costume is complete, you will have glued the pom poms all over every inch of the shirt. To really capture this costume, don’t leave any space blank and don’t stick to one color. Pair it with a neon colored (Minaj went for bright orange with blue pleats) skirt and neon green (or another obnoxious color) fishnet stockings. Don’t fret, there’s more color to come! Slip into those hot pink socks and wear printed shoes.

Nicki Minaj in General
Don’t want to copy a specific look, but want to show off some of Minaj’s crazy style? After making sure your hair is anything but a normal color, wear a tight corset – one of Minaj’s favorite pieces. Wear your craziest, funkiest, and most outrageous pair of leggings with a colorful tutu. As for shoes, if you have animal printed wedges, this is your opportunity to show them off and completely own them. If you don’t, just go for something bright. After making sure the rest of your makeup is bright and your eyelashes are at least five miles long, you’re ready to go and pound the alarm.

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