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How to Dress Up As Your Favorite Superhero This Halloween

This year, we’re ditching the traditional superhero costumes for these fab girl-power and patriarchy-smashing options. For those of you who want to strut your super stuff this Halloween, here’s how.

 Girl Power

1. Supergirl

With the incredible success of the CBS-turned-CW show Supergirl, costumes portraying the girl of steel should not be difficult to find this year. 

Supergirl costume: Party City, $49.99
Supergirl dress: Spencer’s, $29.99

2. Wonder Woman

Superhero T-shirts are everywhere these days. Grab a WW tee and some red leggings, and you’re good to go! Add in a starry tutu and a yellow crown and wristbands, and people won’t be able to tell you apart from Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman T-Shirt: Hot Topic, $22.50
Blue tutu: Walmart, $7.91

3. Black Widow 

Transforming yourself into Black Widow is as easy as wearing a black shirt, black leggings and combat boots. 

Black Widow costume: Spirit Halloween, $49.99

4. Black Canary 

Go for the Sara Lance version (so much better than Laurel). 

Black bustier: Amazon, $26.99
Black faux leather jacket: Amazon, $16.99
Black faux leather leggings: Amazon, $14.50
Eye mask: Amazon, $2.42
Black gloves: Amazon, $2.88

5. Scarlet Witch 

This may be as close as we’ll ever get to being an Olsen. 

Red faux leather jacket: Amazon, $19.95
Black tank top dress: Amazon, $19.95

 Smashing the Patriarchy 

1. Superman 

Pulling off a Clark Kent/Superman costume could not be easier or more inexpensive. Grab your favorite white button-down, a Superman T-shirt, some black leggings and oversized spectacles, and you’ll be a Kryptonian disguised as a journalist. 

Superman T-Shirt: Target, $12.99
White button-down: Target, $7.48
Superman glasses: Spirit Halloween, $7.99

2. The Flash 

As Cisco Ramone once said, “It took us two years, but we finally got one: a lady speedster.” That would be you in this case. 

Flash costume: Spirit Halloween, $49.99

3. The Green Arrow 

Got a green hoodie and leather pants? You’re good to go!

Green leggings: Amazon, $13.99
Green hoodie: Amazon, $26.50
Bow: Amazon, $11.95

4. Iron Man

Fe (Iron) + Male = Female (aka the best Iron Man ever)

Iron Man costume: Amazon, $25.90

5. Thor 

If you want to go hardcore DIY with this one, check out this video.

Thor costume: Pink Queen, $21.79