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Here’s Why It’s Important For Women to Vote, According to Emma Watson

Emma Watson is one star who has always voiced her issues on important topics, especially those related to gender equality. She’s one of Hollywood’s most outspoken feminists, and uses her status to educate others about why it’s so critical that we invest ourselves in making an impact in the world. Now, she’s using her voice to encourage women to vote in this year’s election, because we can majorly impact which candidate is elected.

Emma isn’t able to vote in the election but that doesn’t mean the actress isn’t affected by American politics. Taking to Twitter, Emma wrote a lengthy post, outlining exactly why women need to be an active part of Election Day. As pointed out by Emma, the person elected into office will have a significant impact on the lives of women across the country.   

“…it can’t be denied that the result of the upcoming U.S. presidential election will have ripple effects around the world and impact, in one way or another, the lives of millions of people,” Emma wrote. 

As someone who has spent a substantial amount of time in America—whether she was attending college or filming movies—she has formed relationships with people across the States, and the idea that her friends (especially those who are female) might be negatively impacted by this election is terrifying.  

“The next president will be able to make decisions about women, about their bodies, about how they are treated at work, on university campuses and at school, about how men treat women and about their rights as citizens,” she added.

Given how important this election is, it’s imperative that American women do their part and vote for the candidate who will look out for their rights—especially since women make up a large percentage of the voters.

In fact, as Emma pointed out, the last U.S. election received votes from 70 million women and 60 million men. Based on these numbers, it’s clear that women have the power to determine the fate of this election, and should vote wisely.

“You have real power to decide the future of generations to come,” Emma concluded.

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