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Herbivores Will Finally Have Another Option At Shake Shack With Their New ‘Veggie Shack’ Burger

Rejoice, non-meateaters. Shake Shack is adding another veggie burger to its menu.

The Veggie Shack is the ever-popular burger joint’s newest addition to the menu. The burger (which joins the only other veggie burger on the menu — the “Shroom burger”), consists of a vegan, bean-based patty that also features brown rice and beets, topped with provolone cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, vegan mayo and nestled in between a potato bun. 

The burger will be available for purchase starting on Thursday, April 19, if you live in the New York City area. It will be offered at Shake Shacks everywhere on April 24 too. 

The new veggie burger comes after Shake Shack received some backlash over its limited options for vegetarians/vegans. The “Shroom burger” was deep-fried and contained mushrooms, which some consumers reportedly felt wasn’t giving them an option to be healthier, as Forbes noted.

Now, can we have some fries with that?

(H/T Hellogiggles)

Shannon is a junior studying English, Journalism, Creative Writing, and American Studies at Boston College. A Long Island native, she loves the beach, Italian ices, bagels, and pizza (all of which are the best in New York.) When she's not reading, she can be found watching reality TV- most likely The Real Housewives of Any City.