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The Her Campus Guide to Identifying All The Prehistoric Baddies in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

At the end of Jurassic World, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) escaped Isla Nublar after Rexy stepped in to save them from the genetically modified Indominus Rex (which ultimately became a snack for the sea serpent known as the Mosaurus). The credits rolled shortly thereafter, with the rest of the dinosaurs we left on the island—but we were all left wondering WTH happened to the remaining prehistoric badasses on the island.

Now with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom we can finally continue the Jurassic saga. In the trailers and promos leading up to this Amphicoelias-sized production, Isla Nublar is literally on fire, which means Owen and Claire need to go back and save the dinos. Because even though we could have avoided all these strenuous, prehistoric escapades if scientists just stopped resurrecting previously extinct creatures that can and want to eat us, dinos still deserve a helping hand when their home is engulfed in flames (literally or figuratively).

We have so many questions about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Like, will Laura Dern also make a cameo in the new story arc? What does the Jurassic franchise have against accurately depicting these prehistoric beauties (seriously, why doesn’t Blue have feathers)? And who would really want to visit a resort full of oversized, deadly birds anyway? But the most important question we have might be: what dinosaurs are we going to see in this sequel?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re worried about the safety of the dinosaurs amid the apocalyptic-like conditions on Isla Nublar, but our paleontology-obsessed childhood self would want to run down of the on-screen prehistoric baddies. Thankfully, you can also appease you dinosaur fascination because here are all the dino appearances (at least from the ones we can see in the multiple Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailers).


Sinoceratops is basically the Juggernaut of Jurassic World: underrepresented, overshadowed by its over-hyped step-sibling and always angry. However, the first two reasons might contribute to the Sinoceratops’ aggression, and we get it.

The fictitious parallels between Juggernaut and Sinoceratops don’t stop there—there’s a full-on fight between a Sinoceratops and a Carnotaurus. By default, that means Carnotaurus is also Colossus. Regardless, JW: FK is essentially canon with Marvel Comics now.


The dinosaur that basically inspired Cubone is finally getting the hype she deserves. Stygimoloch is a thick-headed bish, literally, but we’re hoping this obvious stubborn Sagittarius makes it off of Isla Nublar safely.


Sorry, JW: FK, Ducky is still our favorite Parasaurolophus, and you can’t change our minds. Unless this is a Land Before Time crossover movie and this is actually Ducky in her teenage years, then we definitely stan the Fallen Kingdom adaptation of Ducky.  

The Parasaurolophus might not be in the official trailers, but our fan theory senses tell us that they will be in the movie, seeing as they have a cameo in the Jurassic World-affiliated video game. And how could the production leave out everyone’s favorite hadrosaur? 


Yep, this basically confirmed that this is a meta Land Before Time crossover, and we’re glad to see Sarah grew up to be a confident young woman who stands her ground even in the face of a fallen tree. Clearly, the “tri” in Triceratops doesn’t reference her three horns—it’s actually a subtle threat because nobody wants to tri to mess with her.

But she does have a softer side, as evidenced by this adorable mother-daughter scene. (Which also proves that Triceratops are the cats of the dinosaur world: loveable on their terms.)


Stegosauruses are basically just violent vegans, which shows that you can be cruelty-free and still kick some ass. Nevertheless, Stegosauruses are still the pretentious hipsters in the herbivore community, seeing as their favorite junk food is moss. Does this mean that modern-day health food hipsters are a distant relative of stegos? (Sorry, but kale is not delicious, no matter how many times you claim it is in the Snaps of your daily protein bowl.)


According to London’s Natural History Museum, Gallimimus translates to “chicken mimic,” and we’re kind of insulted for this member of the Ornithomimidae family because she doesn’t look like a chicken at all. Frankly, this ornithological elder doesn’t deserve this kind of roast.


While this aerodynamically-inclined creature might look synonymous with the Pteranodons in the first movie (and this one), the Pterodactyl has a longer wingspan than the Pteranodon. But both species are some of the few flying dinosaurs that didn’t have feathers, which might explain why they’re perpetually homicidal.  


Yes, that’s a decaying Ankylosaurus—but don’t worry, there are some living Ankylosaurus in the trailer, seeing as they’re basically armored puppies (and by correlation, they’re also Korg) and they deserve to survive and thrive.

Even if the dead Ankylosaurus was the only of its species to debut in JW: FK, she’d still probably have more screen time than certain redacted characters in Avengers: Infinity War.


We don’t even want to think about how difficult it would be for a Brachiosaurus to find a turtleneck sweater in her size (but now we’re high-key thinking about it). But we do wonder if real-life Brachiosaurus would actually make the canonical low-toned bellows that they do in every Jurassic-themed film. What if they made squeaks instead? Or would they make the same incoherent screeches as us when we FaceTime our bestie?

Brachiosauruses were probably clumsy, seeing as they walked on their toes like long-necked ballerinas—and that just makes them the show-offs of the JW franchise.


The Mosasaurus is the only dino we can forgive for her insatiable appetite. Seriously, what has she been eating since the humans abandoned their pets after they couldn’t take care of them? We highly doubt she could rely on several Brachiosauruses (falling in her glorified aquarium every day, so her priorities are definitely in line). Or maybe she could have.


Of course, Baryonyx is the warm-up to the big bad, the Indoraptor. At first glance, this glorified henchwoman of the film looks like a Spinosaurus without, well, the spine—which makes sense because both the Baryonyx and the Spinosaurus are in the Theropoda suborder, so they’re basically aquatic-thriving cousins of the Cretaceous period. (Granted, this version of the Baryonyx also looks more like a Suchomimus—because she doesn’t have any of the iconic spine barbs like the pseudo-Spinosaurus she is. But Suchomimus is also a therapod, so that might explain the similarities.)

We already know this specific Spino-knockoff-saurus isn’t going to survive the Jurassic World version of Thanos’ snap. However, there is a suspiciously-similar looking dino being transported via helicopter. (Why it isn’t sedated we don’t know, but okay.)

The Baryonyx in the tunnel probs won’t make it though. She clearly doesn’t have her priorities straight, seeing as she’s stomping through lava-infested facilities searching for a snack, but it just makes her even more relatable and her subsequent (albeit hypothesized) death even more tragic—because we all know what it’s like to be hangry and we’d probably search for a snack instead of escaping disaster too.


Not only does Blue return, we also get to see some adorable baby Blue footage. But seriously, can someone get Blue some feathers? We get that ASOS is going feather-free, but Velociraptors are naturally feathered-beauties. (Though we kind of get it, seeing as Blue is basically already poreless and fresh-faced, it would be unfair to the other dinos to give her feathers, too.)


Ah, the fake-Pterodactyl annoying gnat of the dinosaur kingdom has made a return. Pteranodons might be glorified pests, but their dino-call is the only justified noise in the movie—because how could you not screech when you’re trying to flee a pyroclastic flow? (TBH, it only makes their borderline uncapturable screenshot all the more appropriate.)

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Other than Blue, Rexy is the most overworked scaley character in the Jurassic World franchise. Not only does she save Owen and Claire from the first genetically altered baddie in the first flick, she also finds time in her busy schedule of running from a newly-erupted volcano to save these feeble humans from a f*cking Carnotaurus.


A.K.A. those toy-sized jerks that are in basically every Jurassic-themed movie. After all, Compsognathus is ~that~ bitch.


R.I.P. (maybe?) to this Carnotaurus. From the trailer, it looks like she doesn’t have much screen time because Rexy got a little carried away with her bad self. We can’t blame Rexy though, because this Carno was trying to steal some of the moonlighting-Spinosaurus’ snacks.


These dinosaurs are basically the house cats of birds past, present and fictional future because every one of these carnivorous dinosaurs stops in the face of actual danger to try to eat. Even this Allosaurus wants a bite. Granted, none of these dinos seem to try to take a chunk out of their herbivore or omnivore companions.

So, maybe humans are just a delicacy to apex prehistoric giants. Or maybe they’ve just associated humans with food, from all the years that humans actually cared for them and fed them. Or maybe they’re just trying to eat Peter Quill, for obvious reasons.


Aside from the fact that the Indorapter is basically a metaphorical motif about GMO produce, the Indorapter is not about to deal with any of the humans’ BS in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Though we’re not supposed to stan the villains (the humans are obviously the real villains anyway), we’re definitely cheering for this Kylo Ren of a dino who’s clearly just following his predecessors’ footsteps and fulfilling the Indominus Rex’s legacy. 

TBH, we’re not sure if we’re more excited to see the lethal biodiversity of Isla Nublar, the fact that this movie features more Cretaceous period dinos than Jurassic-era dinos, the Indorapter pull a David and destroy his creators, or the dino-on-dino fight sequences that our childhood selves reenacted with our dinosaur toys. We are positive, though, that we’re going to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom multiple times in theaters so we can immortalize all these prehistoric baddies.

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