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Cast of Heartbreak High
Cast of Heartbreak High
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Let’s Unpack That *Wild* ‘Heartbreak High’ Season 2 Finale

On April 11, Netflix’s Australian teen drama, Heartbreak High, returned for a highly-anticipated second season.

A reboot of the ‘90s show of the same name, the series follows the students of Hartley High who must attend a sexual education class, Sexual Literacy Tutorial or SLT (pronounced “sluts” by the students), after a graffiti wall map detailing everyone’s sexual exploits gets exposed to the administration. One of the map’s creators, Amerie Wadia, becomes an outcast causing her best friend and map co-creator Harper McLean to avoid her.

In Season 2, Amerie still can’t seem to catch a break. She and the rest of her friends are being harassed by someone who is using dead birds to torment her and has been dubbed the “Bird Psycho.” But that’s not the only thing fans can’t stop talking about after watching Season 2, especially the season finale. 

Here’s everything to know about the identity of the “Bird Psycho” and everything else that happened in the last episode. 

Episode 8 begins with everyone excited for the Year 11 Formal. Malakai goes to Harper and tells her that he’s still in love with Amerie after she starts dating Rowan, the new student that Malakai also dated.

Viewers quickly find out that Malakai will be leaving Hartley High for Switzerland the same night. He tries to tell Amerie that he’s leaving, but he chickens out and they exchange an affectionate “bye, c*nt,” which has been their thing since Season 1. He instead writes her a letter and slips it into her locker. 

Back at Quinni’s house, she’s even more determined than ever to figure out the identity of “Bird Psycho.” With the help of Sasha, both realize that “Bird Psycho” is either Malakai or Rowan after Amerie gets sent a threatening note with an explicit picture of herself that could only be sent to a potential love interest. They determine that it’s Rowan’s after realizing that they don’t have a picture of his handwriting. 

Full of vengeance after being fired, the basketball coach, Mr. Voss, recruits the “Cumlords,” a group of misogynistic students that want to stop the “woke agenda” from “taking over” Hartley High. 

In the bathroom at formal, a drunken Missy tells Amerie that Malakai has left for Switzerland and Amerie quickly realizes that she never stopped loving Malakai. She tells this to Harper, which Rowan overhears and his anger toward Amerie is reignited causing him to he run away in fury. 

Coach Voss and the “Cumlords” finally back down after a stern conversation with Principal Woodsy, but not before they ignite a giant penis-shaped fuel trail that gets out of control and engulfs the school in flames. 

The fire is unbeknownst to Amerie and Harper who are still inside of the school. While looking for Rowan, Amerie comes across a video of Rowan’s story about his childhood crush on her and how they bonded over a dead bird and had a funeral for it.

Embarrassed, Amerie says it was Rowan’s idea and leaves him by himself. A humiliated Rowan goes home and destroys items in the house. His younger brother, Jett, gets scared and goes to find their parents who are across the street, but he gets hit by a car and dies.  Rowan traps Harper and Amerie in a room and won’t let them out until she apologizes for killing his brother. Amerie refuses to apologize, noting that his death was not her fault. 

Quinni and Sasha go back to Hartley and realize that Harper and Amerie are trapped inside with Rowan. Quinni runs into the school to save them and is successful. Amerie helps Quinni get Harper out of the school and goes back to save Rowan. She then convinces him that it wasn’t anybody’s fault for his brother’s death but the person whose car it was. 

Voss gets arrested and Rowan apologizes to Amerie for what happened.“I think it was just easier for me to make you the villain, but you’re not,” he said, to which she responded with, “I don’t think anyone is. I think we’re all a bunch of f*cked up kids trying to do the best we can.”

The episode ends with everyone watching as the school burns, but not before showing Amerie’s locker and the letter from Malakai inside. 

While we don’t know if Heartbreak High is going to get a third season, I for one sure hope we do. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about how Amerie will probably never see Malakai’s letter and waiting in anticipation for what the future holds for their relationship.

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