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HC’s Exclusive Interview with Cam Meekins

At the time I was just a 15-year-old with no focus, ambition, or passion in anything besides basketball, really…I decided I needed to make something of my life after that because I got to see first hand how quickly it can all be taken away,” Boston rapper Cam Meekins, 19, says about his life-altering experience—a jet ski collision that ruptured his spleen, almost causing him to bleed to death.

And so, he turned to his music. In 2012, Cam signed a contract with Giant Records/Atlantic Records, and he just released his new album “Lamp City.”  HC had an exclusive interview with him about music and motivation–here’s what he had to say.

HC: What was it like growing up in a musical family? Have they been a supportive influence?
CM: I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if it weren’t for them…[M]y brothers were always playing music, [and] I always stole their instruments and taught myself how to play…[I]t’s definitely an advantage having people support me at home.

HC: Was there ever a time when you thought your musical career wouldn’t work out? How did you pull through?
CM: No. I never thought like that and never will. I genuinely believe in what I’m doing with my career, company, and life and have full confidence in its success. No matter how many people don’t [or] didn’t see the vision at first, they always come around.

HC: What’s been your favorite song to record to and why?
CM: [T]hat’s a tough one, I love all my music…But right now I’m really loving all the new stuff off…Lamp City. And, yes, this is shameless self-promotion.

HC: Tell us a little about your new album – what would you say to any potential fans to get them to listen?
CM: Lamp City is something I’m really proud of. I think I’ve been dabbling at a consistent message and sound for a while now, but this album really brings everything together and is a perfect, complete introduction to Cam Meekins. It also speaks for every fan and everyone representing the lamp city movement.

HC: Discouraging comment that ended up motivating you?
CM: Major labels telling me the music I gave them sucked. Then I made a whole bunch of new shit, like, that day, lol.

HC: You’re also a songwriter – Does that make it easier because you’re in control of what comes out on the album or harder because you have to work with other songwriters on your team?
CM: I really don’t work with anyone for the most part besides a couple people I really trust. I write better when I’m completely alone, not in a studio with an engineer, just me and my equipment…I just find it really important as an artist (especially involved with a major label) to maintain the creative right to do whatever I want with my music ‘cause at the end of the day the name on the CD is mine, not anyone else’s. It brings it back to the fans being amazing because they understand that and are down to ride with whatever I want to release. I couldn’t ask for a better situation.

HC: Musical idol?
CM: Atmosphere, Kanye and MF DOOM.

HC: Best comment you’ve received from a fan?
CM: [E]veryone who reaches out to me whether its in person, or on Twitter or wherever are all so cool. It’s great to be able to make music I love to make and have people support me, so they are always my first priority. Any support I get from anyone is the best thing.

There you have it, collegiettes! If Cam wasn’t on your radar before, be sure to get in on some Lamp City lovin’!

Kema Christian-Taylor is a senior at Harvard University concentrating in English with a citation in Spanish.  As an aspiring novelist, she constantly jots down ideas on anything she can get her hands on—including paper napkins.  She has been dancing since age 3 and has choreographed for two shows her freshman and junior years in college.  Even though it means leaving behind her sunny home in Houston, Texas, Kema loves to travel and has been to every continent except Antarctica. Things she cannot live without include the Harry Potter series, Berryline, Pretty Little Liars, the Hunger Games, 90s music, and soy chai lattes.   
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