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HC Wake-Up Call: Gen. H.R. McMaster Will Be Replaced By UN Ambassador John Bolton As Trump’s National Security Adviser, France is Proposing On-the-Spot Fines for Public Sexual Harassment & Charles Lazarus, Founder of Toys ‘R’ Us, Has Died

Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

Gen. H.R. McMaster Has Resigned as Trump’s National Security Adviser & UN Ambassador John Bolton Will Replace Him

The White House confirmed on Thursday that President Trump and Gen. H.R. McMaster mutually agreed that McMaster would step down from his position as National Security Adviser, ABC News reports.

According to ABC News, McMaster will be replaced by UN Ambassador John Bolton, and will be the third person to occupy the position since the start of the Trump administration.

McMaster’s departure from the White House was planned and expected. According to ABC News, while McMaster was seen as an asset to the national security team, Trump and McMaster often clashed.

Only three months into the job, The New York Times reported that Trump called McMaster “a pain” and complained that McMaster talked too much, ABC News reports.

McMaster differed in opinion from Trump on several topics, such as: the Iran Nuclear Deal, using the label “radical Islamic terrorism” and free trade deals with our allies.

In a statement, McMaster wrote, “After thirty-four years of service to our nation, I am requesting retirement from the U.S. Army effective this summer after which I will leave public service. Throughout my career it has been my greatest privilege to serve alongside extraordinary servicemembers and dedicated civilians. I am thankful to President Donald J. Trump for the opportunity to serve him and our nation as national security advisor.”

Trump thanked McMaster and his family “for their service,” and wished them “the very best.”

The three-star general’s departure comes amidst the departure of other Trump administration officials, including Hope Hicks and Rex Tillerson, ABC News reports.

Bolton, who will take McMaster’s place, has largely been seen as a highly vocal war hawk, and that has been concerning to some politicians.

France is Proposing On-the-Spot Fines for Public Sexual Harassment

To combat sexual harassment, France is proposing on-the-spot fines for individuals that sexually harass another person in public, HelloGiggles reports.

The bill, which is to be presented in a cabinet meeting and sent to parliament after that, is currently being supported by French President Emmanuel Macron and French Junior Minister for Gender Equality, Marlène Schiappa.

According to HelloGiggles, the bill proposes immediate fees of $110 to $920 for sexual harassment, ranging anywhere from “degrading or humiliating comments” or making “sexual or sexist” actions towards another person.

“The idea is that it is high enough to be a deterrent but also that we could be sure the harasser can pay it immediately, so that the law can be efficient,” Schiappa said of the fees.

The bill, according to HelloGiggles, would also raise the age of consent to 15, and would increase the statute of limitations to the age of 48 for individuals that were raped as children.

Charles Lazarus, Founder of Toys ‘R’ Us, Dies After Company Announces It Will Shut Down U.S. Operations

Toys “R” Us Founder, Charles Lazarus, died Thursday, the company confirmed, just one week after the company announced that it would most likely have to shut down its U.S. operations, CNN Money reports.

Lazarus started his business in 1948, anticipating the post-WWII baby boom and the demand it would create for children’s supplies and toys, CNN Money reports. He started selling baby furniture in his store, Children’s Bargain Town, and expanded to selling toys.

In 1957, Lazarus his first store stocked with toys, and named it Toys “R” Us. Its giraffe mascot, which appeared in advertisements for Children’s Bargain Town, became the center of Toys “R” Us’ marketing, CNN Money reports.

Michael Goldstein, who succeeded Lazarus as CEO in 1994, said in a statement, “He was the father of the toy business. He knew the toys and loved the toys and loved the kids who would shop in the stores. His face lit up when he watched kids playing with toys.”

“There have been many sad moments for Toys “R” Us in recent weeks, and none more heartbreaking than today’s news about the passing of our beloved founder,” Toys “R” Us said in a statement. “He visited us in New Jersey just last year, and we will forever be grateful for his positive energy, passion for the customer and love for children everywhere. Our thoughts and prayers are with Charles’ family and loved ones.”

The company had recently been having difficulties as it went up against big box stores, such as Walmart and Target, and had debt that it couldn’t not recover from.

What to look out for…

Frozen is now on Broadway, and its composers, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, have written a bunch of new songs for the show!

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