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In The Harry Styles “That’s Not Normal” TikTok Trend, Creators Call Themselves Out

If you’re obsessed with Harry Styles like I am, then you’ve probably seen clips of him performing with Lizzo and Shania Twain at Coachella 2022 or singing on James Corden’s late night show all over your FYP. But now, other TikTok creators are hopping on the Harry Styles bandwagon with me in the new Harry Styles “That’s Not Normal” TikTok trend

In the viral trend, which originated from an exclusive Apple Music interview with Styles about his new album Harry’s House, creators call themselves out on their little quirks. Whether you like to sleep with your duvet cover in between your legs or possess a plethoric beauty and skincare product collection, the Harry Styles “That’s Not Normal” TikTok trend is a reminder to us all that it’s okay to be a little weird. Because in reality, what is being “normal,” anyway?

Where does the trending sound originate?

The trending soundbite originates from an hour-long interview on YouTube with Styles (yes, I most definitely watched the whole thing) about his new album Harry’s House, which debuted on May 20. The interview is with Zane Lowe in collaboration with Apple Music, and the pair discussed everything about Harry’s House, Styles’s new nail polish line, and even his history in the band One Direction.

The sound was originally uploaded to TikTok by @heart4harry1, who posted a clip of the interview where Styles says to Zane in his nonchalant British drawl, “That’s not normal, and I think, you know, you should maybe get some help, or something.” Creators flooded to the comments about the potential of the sound (and to discuss their love of Styles, of course), and the trend was born.

In the Harry Styles “That’s Not Normal” TikTok trend, creators reveal their quirks.

The sound has been growing in popularity since mid-May, with creators sharing their odd tendencies or jokingly calling out their friends — or even calling out their pets. For instance, user @bobinskyboi posted a now-viral video with the sound about their cat, writing, “When [every time] my cat finishes eating or drinking he puts his stuffed Minecraft cow in front of it to guard it,” along with an image of said stuffed Minecraft cow in front of the cat’s water and food bowls. Niche, but I’m here for it.

Part of what makes TikTok so great is that the app allows creators to be authentically themselves — like @iamshellyking, who shared that she constantly feels like she needs to take a deep breath because she feels that she isn’t getting enough air in her lungs, or user @possiblynatasha, who confessed that she is obsessed with escapism. 

The trend has even made its way to BookTok, with user @iamamile writing, “Me when I catch myself smiling a little too hard at ink on paper.” No judgment here, though — don’t we all do that when our favorite characters finally get together? No? Just me?

The Harry Styles “That’s Not Normal” TikTok trend is easy to try.

To try out the viral trend, think of a weird quirk that you do — whether it’s your tendency to joke about your trauma with that one friend who just doesn’t get it or your obsession with creating fake scenarios in your head — and get to filming. You can also call out something that someone else does that you think is “not normal,” like when your friend tells you they’ve never listened to BTS (I’m sorry, but what?). 

If we make enough videos using this sound, maybe, just maybe, Styles will finally notice us. We got this, bestie.

Zoë is a writer and recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English. Formerly, she was an associate editor at Her Campus, where she covered Gen Z pop culture, beauty and style trends, and everything in between. When she's not writing or editing, Zoë can be found reading, sipping coffee, and exploring new places in California.