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Guys, I Can’t Stop Crying Over The Robot In Harry Styles’ “Satellite” Music Video

OK, maybe it’s Mercury retrograde or the upcoming Scorpio lunar eclipse, but I’m feeling extra emotional today. I swear, the smallest things are enough to make a grown woman cry at this point. So, with my emotions in high gear during this time, it’s no wonder that Harry Styles’ surprise “Satellite” music video drop had not only me in tears, but the entire internet as well. And it’s all because of a lil robot named Stomper.

On May 3, Harry Styles released a music video for his fan-favorite song, “Satellite.” Despite coming out almost a year ago, this Harry’s House track hasn’t left fans mind’s since 2022. So, when Styles took to social media to announce the video, the internet obviously went wild.

ICYMI, Harry Styles’ music videos are known for being artful and meaningful. His “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” video made waves on the internet for being not only outrageous (in a good way), but had some deeper commentary of the music industry. Before that, his “As It Was” video had fans buzzing about its themes of transformation and its look into Styles’ childhood. So, it’s not out of character for the “Satellite” video to be filled with different themes and meanings.

The video features footage from Styles’ concerts, but all through the perspective of an adorable bot, Stomper. Throughout the video, viewers see Stomper traveling the country β€” visiting different cities, landscapes, and Love On Tour venues to find his way home. Needless to say, the bot is absolutely adorable. So much so, fans were getting emotional. (Myself included… y’all, the stars have me acting up!)

For the most part, the internet can’t get over how adorable the little robot is. Crying is a common theme here.


Also, fans can’t get over how the robot has a name. Naming my firstborn Stomper, TBH.

Oh, and did I mention that Stomper is a Harry Styles fanbase reference? Too cute.

However, fans are pretty upset about the ending: How do we charge Stomper?! Why didn’t Harry help?! #JusticeForStomper, IMHO.

Stomper is just like me, for real.

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