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Here’s What Harry’s “Daylight” Music Video *Actually* Means

If there is one thing Harries are going to do, it’s dissect a Harry Styles music video. On July 19, the official version of Styles’ “Daylight” music video was released and fans were quick to decipher the meaning behind the video. Though it might seem like an upbeat song about love, the video (that includes the yellow bird suit) might have a deeper story to tell.

Fans have already started posting about potential easter eggs and clues toward Styles’ real life, career, and relationships (both in his personal life and professionally with fans) that they think were embedded in the “Daylight” music video. If you had no idea what to take away from it, though, have no fear: Let’s talk about what this circus story could really mean.

“Daylight” might be an anthem for long-distance lovers.

Back in May 2022, fans spotted Styles in a yellow bird suit, raising speculation that a music video was coming their way. Though fans couldn’t figure out the answer then, the “Daylight” music video finally revealed the use of the suit. In the music video, Styles is seen flying around in the adored yellow bird suit and he is surrounded by bluebirds. Let’s take a look at a line from the song: “If I was a bluebird, I would fly to you, / You’d be the spoon, dip you in honey so I could be sticking to you.” He is not a bluebird who can fly to his lover, but rather a yellow bird that is disappointed he can’t reach his long-distance romance — hence why yellow bird Styles is seen with his arms crossed and pouting in the music video.

To really put salt in the wound, at the end of the video, Styles falls off a tightrope, falling instead of flying away to close the distance between him and his love. I’m unwell. This music video emulates the feeling of wanting to see your long-distance lover, but life and miles get in the way. The bird suit might be fun, but the story definitely isn’t — I’m not crying, you are.

Fans have alternative theories for the long-distance story he is telling.

The yellow bird suit might have been a main attraction, but there were many elements featured in the music video that remain to be deciphered. The setting of the music video itself takes place in a circus, showcasing classic elements like cannons and clowns. Circuses are often a spectacle of entertainment. Much like Styles’ time on tour, circuses are collections of performances and talents coming together. Fans think this is representative of Styles finding his way back to his fans with his performances.

Styles’ two-year-long Love On Tour comes to an end on July 22, which will, of course, leave fans and Styles sad after the long time spent together traveling the world. Circuses tour as well, so fans think the circus represents his tour coming to an end and inherently putting distance between him and his fans. Enter: the bluebird and yellow bird storyline. Styles wishes to be a bluebird so he can fly to his fans, but his time on tour is ending, so he is a yellow bird waiting for the next time he can tour.

The circus storyline might have a deeper meaning, however, and fans are taking a closer look at the blue cloud box Styles steps into in the music video. With this music video coming just before the last Love On Tour show, fans are starting to wonder what tricks Styles has up his sleeves, and that blue cloud box might hold the answer. For those Harries craving a One Direction reunion, they were quick to notice that the blue cloud box is very similar to a blue cloud candle that Niall Horan was selling. Fans think this might be a hint at a potential collab or reunion happening soon. It might just be delulu, but there is always a hidden meaning behind music videos.


i am in fact delusional but DOES THIS MEAN SOMETHING ?!?? #harrystyles #niallhoran #theshow #hslot #daylightmv

♬ Daylight – Harry Styles

The essential meaning behind the music video is a long-distance love, though whether that be Styles’ love with his fans or a romance is still up for interpretation. Though we might not know the true message behind it, the circus is representative of his life in some capacity. Music videos are visual art for songs, so the true meaning, unfortunately, is only known by Styles the artist himself. However, that can’t stop Harries from brainstorming easter eggs in the meantime.

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