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Nessa Barrett’s Rumored New Boyfriend Is Fashion Royalty

If you’re on TikTok, then your probably know who Nessa Barrett is: the dark-haired, tattooed, 20-year-old has been viral since the start of the app, and has amassed over 27 million followers over various social media platforms. Additionally, Barrett is a rising musician — you can probably lump her in with the whole pop-punk renaissance that’s been happening over the past year or so.

While Barrett has gained notoriety for her music, and vulnerability in interviews, she’s also caused quite the internet stir when it comes to relationships. She famously dated TikToker and podcast host, Josh Richards, before starting a whirlwind romance of music and matching tattoos with fellow TikToker and musician, Jaden Hossler — who, at the time, was Richards’ best friend. After confirming her split with Hossler in May 2022, Barrett has stayed out of the dating limelight. That is, until recently. And besties, you’re not gonna believe who this guy is.

On Nov. 30, Barrett took to Instagram to post a carousel of casual, blurry photos — the first one was a pic of her and her friend, Oliver Blank, and the second featured a blurry Barrett bear hugging a mystery man. And while the last photo was a glam black-and-white shot of Barrett, fans can’t stop thinking about the mysterious soft launch in the second photo.

Luckily, Barrett didn’t keep her followers in the dark. The person in the photo is none other than Harley Solomon, or @tootonebooch — and his family is kind of a big deal in the fashion world.

Who is Harley Solomon? He has a mutual friend with Nessa Barrett.

After a quick click on the photo tag, you’re immediately brought to Harley’s IG. He has over 50k followers, and most of his photos are showing off his cool outfits and posing with friends. However, if you look a little closer, you might see a familiar face on his feed: TikToker Ryland Storms. Y’all remember Hype House?

While Barrett and Solomon haven’t officially confirmed their relationship, or even given details on how the two met, we can definitely assume that Storms is a mutual connection. Given the friendship between himself and Barrett, I wouldn’t be surprised if Storms set this couple up himself. Honestly, they kind of look great together.

Who Is Harley Solomon’s family?

TikTokers aside. The other people in Solomon’s inner circle go far beyond social media: he’s a part of the real-life Stark family, and they created a little brand called Chrome Hearts.

Chrome Hearts is a huge fashion brand that came to fruition in the ’80s. It featured a cool, leathery, biker-chic aesthetic that swept the nation, and has appeared on major stars like Lenny Kravitz, Kim Kardashian, and Drake. Created by Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark, the brand had a resurgence in Gen Z thanks to their son, influencer Kristian Stark — who just so happens to be Harley’s cousin.

Kristian’s sister, however, is also a pretty big deal: Jesse Jo Stark is a popular musician who has been linked to the likes of Bella Hadid and Jesse Rutherford, along with publically dating fellow musician YUNGBLUB since July 2021. Safe to say, this kid has got some serious connections.

Are Harley Solomon and Nessa Barrett Dating?

Since we’re in the generation of the soft launch, nothing is official. However, Solomon did post some photos on Instagram on Dec. 1 in Barrett’s music studio. And while we couldn’t see her face, fans were able to spot Barrett in the background of the photo. Here’s to hoping they’ll confirm their relationship soon!

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