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This Guy Was Removed from a JetBlue Flight After Allegedly Heckling Ivanka Trump & Her Family

Ivanka Trump’s holiday vacation got off to a rocky start on the morning of Dec. 22, when she was spotted flying coach and heckled by a fellow passenger.

Hunter College professor Matthew Lasner and his husband first spotted Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, as they made their way through Terminal 5 at JFK airport in New York City, Jezebel reports. The pair apparently decided to follow the president-elect’s daughter and son-in-law in the hopes of letting them know just how much they hate her father.

As luck would have it, both couples were booked on the same flight, WABC reported. Lasner wasted no time snapping a pic for Twitter as proof of Ivanka’s coach travels, and his husband was equally quick in demanding to know why Ivanka and her family were on a commercial flight.

Lasner and his husband were removed from the flight after Lasner’s husband reportedly grew more unruly. TMZ reported that he shouted, “Your father is ruining the country!” and “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?!!” as he was removed from the flight. No word on whether other passengers on the flight were supportive of the outburst or just annoyed that someone was causing a delay in getting their flight off the ground, though one man posted a Facebook status saying he never heard Lasner’s husband yell and that he just seemed agitated and upset.

The incident has raised some questions, namely, “Why is Ivanka Trump riding coach??” The last time a Trump kid made news on a plane, the comedian who sat next to him had been upgraded. We may never know for sure why Ivanka was traveling with the unwashed masses, but speculation suggests she may have wanted to humanize herself or create a handy photo op. Or maybe the Trumps just run low on private planes during the holidays. Still, Jezebel reports that a witness overheard Ivanka saying, “I don’t want to make this a thing.”

Lasner’s tweets were removed a few hours after the incident and he and his family presumably did not make it to their destination. But hopefully he can take comfort in the fact that Ivanka and co. will be stuck with the same complete lack of legroom that we all suffer through in coach.

Sydney Post is a Los Angeles native who moved east to Boston for college and stayed, despite the snow (or possibly because of it). She holds a BA in English from Tufts University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. When not writing, reading, or generally spending time around books, she can be found working on her cooking skills, being excited about dogs, and generally doing her best to be an adult.