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A Guy That Found Kittens Under His Bed Made A Calendar & It’s Cuteness Overload

Imagine looking under your bed to find a crazy, kind of life-changing surprise. That’s exactly what happened to Paris Zarcilla when he discovered a cat that didn’t belong to him had given birth to kittens under his bed.

The internet went crazy over his newfound Cat Dad status (of course) and ever since, Zarcilla has been updating his Twitter with photos of both mom and babies. He took mama cat to the vet to see if she was chipped and searched for her owners, but couldn’t find them. If this doesn’t sound cute enough, don’t worry.

Zarcilla has launched not one, but two calendars featuring his new furry friends.

After taking over 1500 photos of the kittens, he compiled two calendars, both spiral bound and chock-full of cuteness. The first, entitled The Best of Cat Dad Twitter Calendar, has 52 images paired with tweets from the whole saga as it unfolded. The second, named after one of his viral tweets naming the cats, The Forever Brood Unseen Calendar, has full-page, never before seen photos for each month.

These calendars are feel-good and adorable already, but Zarcilla took it a step further and is donating 20% of the profits from every calendar to three charities: Mind, a mental health charity, Cats Protection, a feline welfare organization and Celia Hammond.

He’s also sharing the stories of the lessons he’s learning from these surprise additions to his family. Sometimes, the unexpected can make our lives so much better in the long run. Zarcilla is brightening up the Internet, one kitten photo at a time. 

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