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The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast is Reuniting on ‘Stars in the House’ this Week, Briefly Filling the Gap in My Heart

It’s been a long several weeks without a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, agonizing over the next time I’ll get to see Patrick Dempsey’s face and desperate to know if Tom Koracick is going to live another day. I probably won’t get definitive answers until the midseason premier in March, but some hints may be well on their way thanks to Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley.

The duo launched an almost-daily series called Stars in the House last March in response to the sudden entertainment industry shutdown. Offering a way for stage and screen actors to connect with their fans and colleagues in a time where many shows had been put on an indefinite hold, Stars in the House has raised over $750,000 so far for The Actor’s Fund, as well as the NAACP LDF, Trevor Project and the Humane Society of New York, among others.

The Grey’s cast joins an impressive roster of previous guests, including actors like Tina Fey, Billy Porter and Lisa Kudrow and cast members from Rent, Glee, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Scandal and more. Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Kelly McCreary, Kim Raver, Camilla Luddington, Jake Borelli, Chris Carmack, Greg Germann, Richard Flood and Anthony Hill are confirmed for the live episode airing at 8PM EST on Thursday, January 14, but I wouldn’t put it past them for another castmate or two to join later in the show as a surprise.



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Now, for those of you that don’t know me, this is basically my two favorite things colliding – Grey’s Anatomy and Broadway. The only thing better than this? A Grey’s Anatomy inspired musical (Hey TikTok, where you at!?). Live performances are a guarantee – Chandra has been in several musicals and Chris is also a singer-songwriter – and the episode also promises a celebration of all things Grey’s, including discussions about the production of the current season, honoring front line workers, and even the importance of vaccination. The cast will also answer some of the questions viewers submit in advance, so make sure to comment everything you’re dying to know! (Seriously, when is Derek coming back?!)

Tune in to People’s social platforms including FacebookTwitter and YouTube, PeopleTV’s Facebook and Twitter, or the Stars In The House YouTube channel and website (where you can donate, view previous episodes, and find out who’s going to be on the show next).

While the goal is raise money for charity, every episode is free to stream. If you donate in honor of this one before or while it airs, the cast may read your name off on air. I’m, like, already sweating – can you even imagine your name coming out of Chris Carmack's mouth?​

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