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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: 19 Reactions I Had to Midseason Premiere ‘Shelter from the Storm’

You would think that by now, a solid 14 years since Grey's Anatomy premiered and a good eight since I started watching, little they do these days would surprise me. They're recycling tropes, everyone is either doing it or dying, and Meredith can only be torn between two men so many times, right? Welp. I guess I'm just easy, because last night's mid-season premiere had me on the edge of my seat once again, wondering if Betty would finally go to rehab, expecting our new maintenence friend to die, anticipating the fury of Catherine Fox (yet to come), and still it left me with a healthy dose of laughter before all was said and done.

Honestly, what will we do without Grey's? Where else will I get my weekly fix of crazy cases, awkward moments, and reactions like the 19 below?

When Glasses and Nico are really out here having sex in the ambulance while the world quite literally crashes down around them.

When you meet this guy who's is in charge of the whole building (for the very first time?? Where was he when ceiling tiles were falling into open patients and everyone was getting electrocuted?), and you just know that he's going to A) be immediately likeable and B) he's gonna die.

When you realize that you might... just might... like DaLuca now?

When you think about how someone is gonna lose their damn JOB for spreading Catherine's medical information all across the damn hospital.

When Helm begins to panic in the elevator and you think about how George never would have stood for this.

When Jo is drunk but still wanting to help everyone—a MOOD.

When you know right off the bat that Betty is acting suspiciously, but Webber is giving her the benefit of the doubt.

When Owen's sticking his hands in a chest cavity without gloves, which is either incredibly brave or incredibly reckless.

When you realize that you DEFINITLY like DaLuca now??? 

When Owen removes the license plate from the patient's chest and then uses it to crack open the patient's chest.

When Meredith conveniently speaks fluent Italian after 3 years of it like 20 years ago.

When the elevator starts moving and you're already envisioning the maintenence man being sliced in half. 

But then you remember that elevators don't work like any of that.

When this strange doctor we've never seen before doesn't have any interest in even attempting to save his colleague's legs???

When Betty is exposed.

When Cece starts to crash AGAIN.

Then suddenly Meredith is telling Cece’s corpse how happy she is.

When Maggie and Avery go to tell Webber about Catherine and you remember once again that SOMEBODY has to be losing their job soon. 

And finally, when DaLuca and Link are the actual embodiment of Derek and Finn.

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