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This Grammy-Nominated Singer Opens Up About Attempting Suicide

In a recent example of how hard it can be to receive personal attacks, emerging R&B singer-songwriter Kehlani Parrish revealed on social media that she had attempted to take her life after a spurt of rumors arose that she may have cheated on her boyfriend, Kyrie Irving, an NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We’re proud of Parris for opening up about the incident, which occurred this Monday. Fortunately Parrish is in good care now and is getting the help she needs. On Monday evening, she gave an update on her status, in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

It’s not clear how the rumors came about and it’s not fair to point fingers, but we’re glad that she’s on her way to better health. Social media can quickly become a very ugly place, so it’s important to remember that what we post online can affect people in very real ways. 

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