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‘Good Trouble’: 7 Things Callie & Mariana Face Living In Their First Apartment That Are All Too Real

In Good Trouble, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Marina (Cierra Ramirez) had only spent a few days in Los Angeles before everything seemed to come crashing down. Burnt out from their jobs, caught up in guy drama, and stressed about their living situations, the girls are having ~trouble~ with easing into their new lives. Their first-ever apartment at the Coterie brings some interesting changes to their lives, and some of them are relatable AF.

Here are seven things Callie and Mariana have faced (in the first five episodes) while living in their first apartment together that make us think, “same.”

1) Trying to Avoid the Cute Guy Who Also Lives In Your Building

2) … and Hooking Up with Him On-the-Low

3) Realizing that you literally have *zero* furniture when you move in

4) Having second thoughts about your apartment

5) Getting used to living with… interesting characters…

6) … Who end up being some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet

7) Moving away from your parents, realizing how much you miss them, and how much they miss you

Gentle reminder… CALL YOUR PARENTS!!!!

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