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The Good, The Bad & The Weird: Every Reaction to ‘You’ Episode 6, As Told By GIFs

I feel like I say this every week: You is a twisty and unsettling show that can make even the most hard-core psychological thriller fans (like me) wince and count down the minutes until we get to leave Joe’s world—and Sunday night’s episode was no exception. In only 45 minutes, there was a car wreck, a hook-up, multiple fights, some breaking and entering and, last but not least, the death of a major character. With all of this drama it was hard for me to come up with coherent sentences, so I turned to some ever-reliable GIFs to help me explain all of the good, the bad and the weird things that happened in You episode 6. 

The Good: 

If I’m being honest, there aren’t many good things about You. It’s a truly terrifying show, and each episode leaves me thinking about how a) it can be so hard to trust people nowadays and b) with all of the technology at our fingertips, you never know who’s watching you. Which leaves me looking a little like this: 

But if I had to pick one good moment from last night’s episode (other than being one week closer to the finale), it would be that Joe’s neighbor, Paco, has managed to not face any consequences for attempting to poison his stepfather in last week’s episode. Paco may be the only pure character in this show, and I want only good things for him.

The Bad: 

If there wasn’t that much good in last night’s episode, then there was a whole lot of bad. 

First up, Peach, whose friendship with Beck is quickly becoming obsessive, is home from the hospital and has planned a trip for her and Beck to Paris after they spend some time at the Salinger estate together. I mean, I know Paris is cool, Beck, but perhaps you should reconsider the trip abroad.

Well, when Joe finds out about Peach’s travel plans, he spirals even more out of control (which I honestly didn’t think was possible). So after another huge fight with Beck, Joe does what any rational person would do: he looks up the Salinger estate online and heads up there—without telling Beck and Peach, of course. 

As Joe’s still creeping around the house, Beck and Peach arrive, and do what anyone on a girl’s weekend will do—shop! After their shopping trip, Peach introduces Beck to Raj (who I have never seen before), and they begin to party, which leads to Peach kissing Beck. 

Beck does not take this well, so Peach naturally rebounds with Raj, while Joe is lying underneath their bed. 

In the morning, Beck finally makes a smart choice and heads back to the city. 

But…this means Peach and Joe are left alone together at the Salinger estate (because I’m assuming Raj just left??????). 

What follows is an intense fight, that ends with Joe shot and Peach dead. 

But what makes this even worse, is the fact that Joe killed Peach and made it look like a suicide. Which means when Beck learns of the news of Peach’s death, she comes crying back to Joe. 

The Weird:

And if this show weren’t crazy enough, the whole time that Joe is sneaking around the Salinger estate, he is casually hallucinating and seeing his ex-girlfriend, Candace (ya know, the one who mysteriously disappeared). Maybe this is a result of the car accident he was involved in on his way to stalk Peach? Maybe it’s a result of the prescription drugs he was taking? Honestly, who knows. But, Candace is certainly the only person seeing clearly in this show when she tells Joe what’s what. 

You tell him, girl! 

You airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. 

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