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This Girl Literally Does Not Know How to Operate a Landline

Oh, youths. There’s so many wondrous things they’ll never get to experience. Messaging their friends on AIM. The smooth rhythms of dial-up Internet. Letting their Tamagotchi babies fend for themselves after weeks of TLC and escalating agitation. And, if this young lady is any indication, simply hanging up a landline.

You read that right. There is a 14-year-old girl currently inhabiting this Earth who does not know how to hang up a landline. Apparently, if it’s not a smartphone filled with intricate buttons and icons, it’s just too hard to figure out. Hint: set the phone down on the receiver—oh no, we’ve probably confused her further by using this word. Thankfully, mom steps in to teach this girl a valuable life lesson and further her shot at becoming an employable human being in the future.

Erin was previously the Entertainment Editor of Her Campus. She graduated from Belmont University in 2015, where she studied English and Elementary Education. Before joining the team full-time, she was a national contributing blogger, viral content writer and editorial intern at HC. In addition to her work for Her Campus, Erin was formerly an editorial assistant at Nfocus Magazine and has been published by HelloGiggles and Man Repeller. In her free time, you can find Erin falling for yet another TV boyfriend (her long list of ex-lovers includes Nathan Scott, Chuck Bass and Pacey Witter, to name a few), reading chick lit and/or celeb memoirs and hanging with her puppy/soulmate, Cooper.
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