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Freeform Released a First Look at ‘Good Trouble’ & It Looks Amazing

The new spinoff series of Freeform’s The Fosters, called Good Trouble, doesn’t premiere until January 2019, but we finally have a first look at the TV drama and it looks amazing.

The series stars your favorite duo, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), as they start their new lives in Los Angeles and navigate adulthood. Maia Mitchell mentioned the plot in an exclusive interview with us, and it sounds like there’s a lot in store for the two main characters. “It takes place about a year after—right after where the finale of The Fosters left us,” Mitchell told Her Campus. “So, Callie and Mariana have relocated to Los Angeles. They’re living downtown and they’re kind of lost. They have a lot of new roommates, and there’s going to be a lot of new characters.”

On top of that, Mitchell said the show will tackle a lot of issues. “Callie is a first-year law clerk, so she’s working for a conservative judge, which she’s going to kind of struggle with and kind of try to reconcile throughout the season. And Mariana is working at a tech startup and kind of fighting the patriarchy. It’s quite political. You’re going to see, basically, the heart of The Fosters and what was so relatable about The Fosters, just through a different lens. I’m really excited about it. We’re about a month into shooting, and it’s so much fun. This new cast is so talented and there’s also some of the cast from our Fosters family as well. So, it’s really exciting, and I’m really looking forward to it.” OMG. It’s going to be so good.

Though the cast will have some new faces, we will see some guest appearances from our favorite Adams-Foster moms, played by Teri Polo and Sherri Saum. Not only that, Freeform Executive Vice President Karey Burke said“We plan to have all characters from the original series make guest appearances.” YAY! 

The best part of all is how Mitchell and Ramirez are actually BFFs in real life. Mitchell mentioned how much it helps their dynamic on set, which is so unique. “Cierra and I have a very similar dynamic to Callie and Mariana. She’s my best friend in real life, so she’s so easy to work with. We know each other so well. We know what presses each other’s buttons, and we kiss and then we make up. We just forget about it two minutes later. She’s like the easiest person to work with because I could never say anything that would offend her. And we hang out on the weekends. People think we’re crazy because we’ll wrap like a day of 14 hours together and we’re like ‘What are you doing tomorrow night?’ So, I’m really, really lucky that I get to keep working with her.” I love this duo so much.

Seriously, I cannot wait for this spinoff. January, hurry up, I’m ready to watch all the drama unfold.

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