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There’s A Third Book In The ‘Fourth Wing’ Series & It Might Be Released Soon

I’m someone who loves a good book, and The Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros’ is one that’s been filling up my FYP on TikTok. The series includes the books Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, which people haven’t stopped talking about online. From what I’ve heard, these books are must-reads for their high-stakes plots and the budding romance between Violet and Xaden. Although I didn’t want to fall into the hype surrounding these books, everyone has been raving about this book and I’m close to caving in — but not before I find out if there are more novel releases on the horizon.

With the first two books of The Empyrean series taking TikTok by storm, I know I’m not the only one curious about what this series has in store for readers. Are we getting more books? If so, how many more? Here’s everything we know so far about The Empyrean series.

What are the first two books about?

If you’re a fan of romance and fantasy, this series is for you. The first book, Fourth Wing, follows twenty-year-old Violet Sorrengail who was living a quiet life before she’s ordered to join the dragon riders, which consists of a group of candidates who fight to the death to be a part of this elite group.

Fourth Wing‘s sequel, Iron Flame, was released on Nov. 7 and follows Violet as she puts “what she learned in War College to the test” to show “everyone just how powerful she is.” The book also allows fans to continue reading Violet and Xaden’s story, which many have been fangirling over on TikTok.

When Are readers getting a third book?

I have good news for those who are fans of this book series. Although they have yet to be announced, there are three more books in Yarros’ The Empyrean series, which will be released at a later date.

Since the first two books were both released in 2023, there’s a good chance we won’t have to wait long for the third book in the series. As of this writing, the names of the remaining three books are under wraps but they’ll likely be announced soon.

But that’s not all. According to Variety, a Fourth Wing TV show is in the works at Amazon MGM Studios. On Oct. 30, the outlet reported that Amazon and Michael B. Jordan’s production company, Outlier Society, have acquired the rights to not only Fourth Wing and Iron Flame but also the three remaining planned books in Yarros’ The Empyrean book series.

If the books are as good as I’ve been hearing, I can’t wait to see what the show is like. In the meantime, I’m going to start reading the books so I can get on the Fourth Wing train with everyone else.

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