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Will ‘Fourth Wing’ Become A Movie? No, But A TV Show Is On The Way

Fourth Wing lovers, rejoice! Soon you’ll be able to watch your favorite series. While lots of Fourth Wing readers have wondered whether it would become a movie, it turns out the novel will be transformed into a TV series. Rebecca Yarros released the first two books in The Empyrean series this year: Fourth Wing on April 5 and Iron Flame on Nov. 7. Amazon MGM Studios has picked up the rights to the series in partnership with Outlier Society, which is Michael B. Jordan’s production company. 

There is no release date or any specific details about the upcoming series just yet, but reports say MGM and Outlier Society secured rights to not only Yarros’ Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, but to the next three books in the series that have yet to be published. Yarros and Entangled Publishing’s Liz Pelletier will both serve as executive producers on the adaptation.

According to Yarros and Variety, the series was being auctioned off to production companies before the first book was even released! While the first two books were released only six months apart, Yarros told Variety the following three will not be released as quickly, so she “can put out books and still be healthy.”


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The Empyrean series follows 20-year-old Violet Sorrengail on her journey at Basgiath War College after her mother orders her to join the Rider Quadrant instead of her following her lifelong plan of joining the Scribe Quadrant, like her father. The war college repeatedly presents students with life or death tasks, preparing them to eventually bond with a dragon or die. Violet is thrust into the life of a rider much quicker than most, and must deal with the expectations that come along with being the General’s daughter. Of course, she meets an obscenely tall, gorgeous and dangerous man while there, too. 

Fourth Wing was instantly popularized after BookTok grabbed tight and raved about it. The hashtags #fourthwing and #rebeccayarros alone have over a billion views. Immediately, readers were asking for the next book after the first one ended on a major cliffhanger. On Nov. 6, the New York Times reported that Fourth Wing “sold over 2 million copies globally” and “has been on the New York Times’s hardcover fiction best-seller list for more than six months — with three months at No. 1.” After being released for only one week, Iron Flame is already NYT’s No. 1 in hardcover fiction, and combined print and e-book fiction. Fourth Wing is sitting comfortably right behind its sequel, at No. 2 in hardcover fiction (the week of Nov. 13 marks 27 weeks on the bestseller’s list). With popularity like this, it’s not a surprise it was picked up for an on-screen adaptation so quickly!

Since fans have to wait to hear more about the series coming to TV screens soon, may as well start dreaming about casting options!

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