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finn wolfhard in stranger things
finn wolfhard in stranger things
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The Finn Wolfhard Snapping Meme Is (Weirdly) Encouraging Me To Embrace Change

Stranger Things, while serious, has been meme-worthy from the start. Having a cast of characters who face everything from everyday problems to superhero-like scenarios, this iconic show has no shortage of content. Now, a new Stranger Things meme is all over TikTok — and it’s hilarious, TBH.

Finn Wolfhard is the most recent Stranger Things star to be the subject of TikTok meme-ing. Taken from Stranger Things Season 3, this new meme has received positive and popular feedback for its expression to confidently embrace change in a ranging variety of topics. What is the meme? Well, it’s a simple template of Finn Wolfhard walking to the camera (with swag, obvi) with a sped-up version of “Give It To Me” by Timbaland playing in the background, However, once Wolfhard snaps his fingers, the image behind him changes. From talking about how our music tastes changed over quarantine to our weird habit of randomly switching into an English accent, this meme is all about embracing — and talking about — change. Replacing the Zoolander memes from December, Wolfhard’s catchy, slick walk and confident grin is the viral trend we needed — especially as we move further into 2023. Honestly, this meme alone could save me from Vecna.


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