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5 Ways You Can Fight The Willow Project As A College Student

On March 13, President Joe Biden officially approved a massive oil drilling project in Alaska known as the Willow Project. The Willow Project is the largest oil extraction project ever proposed on U.S. soil to date. Willow was first proposed by crude oil producer ConocoPhillips in 2020 during the Trump Administration. The project was met with great opposition since its initial proposal.

Climate activists on TikTok responded to the project with the #StopWillowProject hashtag. Creators and environmentalists on the app have done everything they can to inform users about what Willow really is and how it will severely impact the environment. 

When Biden first entered office, he was very adamant about expressing his concern for the environmental impact on the planet and committed to protect the environment with his administration’s clean energy and environmental justice plan. Biden’s approval of Willow was unexpected because it conflicts with his campaign promise. 

The Willow Project’s approval is a blow to the Biden Administration’s climate goals, and the people — especially Gen Z folk — are fed up with public officials who aren’t serious about climate justice. 

The fight for climate justice is far from over. Here are five ways you can fight the Willow Project as a college student.

Support Independent Environmental News Outlets

The media coverage on the Biden Administration’s decision to approve the project has focused on the political effects of the decision rather than making the environmental impact the center of attention. Big media outlets are focusing on “Biden vs. the environmentalists” as the main story angle. Independent climate news outlets, especially on Instagram, create digestible and informative news infographics to help their audience keep up with climate news. Some of my favorite climate news accounts are: @Environment, @Impact, @EcoResolution, and @FutureEarth.

check your voter registration

Local and statewide elections happen every year. Fight climate change with your vote. Confirm your voter status here.

Call Your Local Lawmakers

Call your local lawmakers and tell them that you don’t support the Willow Project. Find their contact information on the USA.gov’s Elected Officials page.

Donate To Organizations That Advocate For Climate Justice

Help in the fight against climate change by donating to organizations that want to fight to protect the environment. Some great ones are the Giving Green Fund, the Clean Air Task Force, and the Indigenous Environmental Network

Use Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have users and creators working overtime to amplify their concerns about climate change. #StopWillowProject has garnered over 100 million views on TikTok, and it’s a powerful example of how social media can mobilize users and create an online community where everyone can engage in the climate justice conversation.  

Wila Mae was a Style Intern at Her Campus for the Spring 2023 semester. She's a passionate storyteller and loves creating short-form video content highlighting secondhand shopping and Bay Area small businesses on her socials. Keep up with Wila Mae and her work @wilamae.navarro on Instagram and @wilamae2 on TikTok.