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Everyone’s Talking About The Alpaca That Protested The DNC

When people attend the Democratic National Convention, they of course expect to meet high-profile political figures, liberal backers, dissidents and the odd journalist floating around. In the pool of protesters, though, the people you could meet are not always as predictable. In fact, they may not even be people at all. Queue the protest alpaca, a cute lil’ creature nobody at the DNC can stop talking about.

According to Twitter user Aubrey Whelan, a group advocating to take back the country’s “farms, food, families and freedom” brought a real, live alpaca to do rounds and garner some support for the cause.

Here’s what we know about the “protest Alpaca” so far. She’s a girl. Her name is Shea. And she is an anarchist.

Even though Shea the Totally Adorable Badass Protest Alpaca was engaging in some very important political dissent, everyone at the DNC embraced her.

We’re not sure why the protest group chose to bring an alpaca to the DNC. But we’re sure the decision went a little something like this. 

Either way, cheers to democracy! Cheers to alpacas! Cheers to the American people for bringing alpacas into politics! 

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