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Everyday Exercise

Happy Sunday!

So week two of the fitness challenge is over and I wanted to recap a bit of my experiences. I’ve learned that exercise can be a daily activitiy, even with my hectic schedule! Since I go to college everyday, I make a habit of walking wherever I can and taking the stairs. I like to keep a water bottle handy because it’s still pretty hot in Florida!

After I get out of school I head over to my job, the daycare. I supervise 30 incredibly energetic first graders so that in itself is a challenge each day. This week I focused on incorporating exercise into my daily life, so at the job we’ve managed to add fun exercises for the kids for at least 30 minutes a day. We’ve played soccer, done aerobic exercises such as hula hooping and jump rope, and ran sprints. My kids have had a blast and I get a daily energy boost!

Yesterday I was lounging around the house and feeling a bit like a couch potato. My boyfriend and brother were battling it out on the Xbox when we all decide to get out and go to the park. It was a spontaneous decision and turned out to be so much fun!

We got out of the car and immediately started playing Frisbee! None of us were very good at catching but regardless it was a beautiful day outside and we worked up a sweat while running around and tossing the Frisbee back and forth. My New Balance gear was perfect for the weather!

More than just exercising each day, I feel like sharing these positive experiences with others can be an extremely beneficial. My first graders couldn’t be happier and my boyfriend even told me that he felt much closer to me now because we’ve been working out together, something we have never tried before!

My family has also joined in on my challenge. My mom and I have the same size foot so now she’s been walking more often and sporting my New Balance sneakers as well.

Overall, I’ve seen some great changes in my life just by focusing on the fitness goals that I want to achieve and by finding my support system. I hope that this will motivate you all to try new things and to incorporate exercise into your life!

Best of luck :)

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Meagan is a junior at the University of Tampa working towards her Communication degree. Currently a Creative Services Intern for Bright House Networks, Meagan produces commercials and graphics for local businesses and for fashion blogs. She has worked at a daycare for six years and has a love for children-especially her kindergarteners! She has had a passion for television production since the third grade and in her spare time, she attempts to learn as much as she can about the newest technology. Like most girls, Meagan loves shopping and makeup-she is a beauty guru on YouTube as well. A true believer in milk chocolate and laughter, she always loves to have a good time, whether it is with friends and family, or with her kindergartners at her daycare job. She hopes to pursue her interests in design and television production while in college.
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