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This Epic, Puppy-filled Proposal Will Blow You Away & Make You Believe In Love Again

Two of the Internet’s favorite things are epic proposals and adorable puppies, and one couple managed to combine them into what is undeniably the best engagement photo shoot of all time.

Author and journalist, Laura Stampler thought that she was simply going on an easy hike with her boyfriend Maurice, but as he lead her up to the crest of a large hill, with sweeping views of Los Angeles, she quickly realized that the hike was about much more than giving them a chance to stretch their legs. 

When she saw a trail of rose petals leading to the crest of a hill overlooking Los Angeles, everything clicked into place. 

To make the moment even more magical, her fiancé hired a choir to sing classic love songs like “Kiss the Girl” and even had Laura’s best friend handy to snap pics of the special moment.

However, arguably the best surprise came just after the proposal as a pack of sixteen adorable dogs, not doves, were released onto the mountain, surrounding Laura and Maurice. The some of the dogs included an adorable French Bulldog and a majestic Golden Retriever.

In a video posted to Instagram moments after the proposal, Laura and her fiancé play with the pups as her friend asks“what just happened?”

“I just got engaged. And I’m surrounded by dogs!” she replies elatedly.

In a series of tweets announcing the engagement, Laura expressed how much the moment meant to her, writing “In conclusion: It’s been a rough year, but sometimes life can be really beautiful and, well, good. I really love my fiance, and united we’ll continue in our quest to pet every dog.”

A noble goal Laura, a noble goal indeed. 

Sophie is a college student studying English and American Studies. She likes to write as a form of self-expression and procrastination. Her work has appeared in Rookie Magazine, Clover Letter, and Screen Queens. Outside of writing, her interests include reading Gothic literature, playing guitar badly, and enjoying the great outdoors from the even greater indoors.