You Won't Believe How Much Money Selena Gomez Makes on Social Media

Selena Gomez is currently the reigning queen of Instagram, with the most liked photo and highest number of followers on the popular app. Not too shabby, right? While we all love scrolling through her fun Instagram posts, did you ever realize that she reportedly makes quite a large sum of money for her pics? We're talking six figures here.

According to D'Marie Analytics, Selena tops the list of social media influencers, even ranking higher than fellow celebs like Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Beyoncé. Based on research, the company arrived at the conclusion that Sel's social media posts can bring in a whopping $550,000—and that's just for one post.

So how did D'Marie reach this insane number? CEO Frank Spadafora explains that an algorithm is used which takes several factors into account. "The rate-per-post is her 'ad equivalent' value per post across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This may be different than how much she is actually getting paid when participating in social media campaigns. That is up to negotiations between her agents and the brands," he says. "This valuation is based on D'Marie's algorithm which measures 56 metrics including followers, post frequency, engagement, quality of post, click-thru and potential to create sales conversions from her social content." 

You'll also notice that Selena doesn't upload many sponsored posts online. Rather, she endorses a select few brands (like Pantene and Coca Cola)—and perhaps this is the key to the high value of her posts. "It's interesting that the statistically most influential person on social media is engaged in noticeably less campaigns than other celebrities," Spadafora says. "Personally, I think it's because she's being smart and she's aware that over-saturating her social feeds with sponsored content could negatively impact the relationship she has with her audience."

With Sel's social media popularity increasing each day, we can only imagine how much more money her future posts will earn her. Keep on slaying, Selena.