You Thought Chris Evans’ Dog Was Dead? Surprise: He’s Alive!

Let’s be real: Our dogs are our best friends, and when we have to leave them, it’s awful. The same goes for celebrities and their dogs. Chris Evans tweeted about his doggy BFF, Dodger, over the weekend to express how much he missed his pup.

So cute, right? Well, thinking Chris's dog had died, his followers (including Seth Rogen) were distraught. Tweets flooded in with condolences and questions about what had happened to the pup, which the actor just recently adopted. There were TEARS. Very real tears.

Luckily, though, Chris later clarified that his dog is fine. He was just missing his fur baby while away shooting a film.

I definitely want more pictures of Dodger (with Chris!), but I demand more happy ones that show him actively being the cute dog he is. Maybe Dodger needs his own Twitter account?