'Wonder Woman' Proves Female Superheroes & Directors Can Make Bank at the Box Office

We all knew Wonder Woman was going to be good. A seriously badass female superhero and a seriously badass female director? IT'S ABOUT TIME. The success Wonder Woman had at the box office on its opening weekend just proves the power and influence of women. 

Wonder Woman had one of the biggest superhero movie openings ever, making an estimated $101.4 million at the domestic box office this weekend. That amount also means Wonder Woman is the highest grossing opening weekend EVER for a film directed by a woman. YAASS! 

Numbers don't lie, and neither do celebs. Take a look at all the wonderful actresses showing their support for the movie. 

The OG Wonder Woman didn't hesitate to give a round of applause either.

Men in Hollywood are also giving credit where credit is due. Even Chris Hemsworth admitted Wonder Woman could best Thor in a fight.

With Wonder Woman's success, we hope this momentum continues and Hollywood sees the value of women in film. Because, obviously, they're killing it.