What New Year's Eve is Like, as Told by The Real Housewives

A new year is just around the corner, and you are so ready to put last year behind you.

But first, you plan on ringing in the New Year with a night you’ll never forget.

You pull out all the stops when shopping for the perfect outfit to wear…

…and get ready to wow everyone who sees you tonight.

You even hear the guy you’ve had your eye on is supposed to be at the same party as you.

Nothing can bring you down.

When the time to go out finally arrives, you step into the party ready to be entertained.

But after a little mingling, you start to notice everyone around you getting increasingly intoxicated.

You help yourself to another drink.

You can already feel yourself starting to relax. 

You still feel under control, even though you’re starting to pose for every picture you take with your friends like this:

A little before midnight, you finally spot your crush!

You try and pull yourself together so you can approach him…

…but you think you could use a little more liquid courage before you can work up the nerve.

By now you’re more than a little tipsy.

But the countdown to midnight is minutes away, so you go off to find your crush for a New Year's kiss.

Unfortunately, you find that some other girl has already snatched your crush first.

You’re tempted to make a scene, but you decide it’s best to make a graceful exit.

Then you head to the nearest fast food joint to eat your feelings.

Though the night didn’t work out the way you planned, it was still a good night, and you’re ready to just move on into the new year.

You also realize it’s probably time to begin your New Year's resolutions.