Tyra Banks is Now a College Professor

Is there anything that isn't on Tyra Banks's resume? Model, TV personality, Harvard grad, author, businesswoman... it's all in there, but Tyra's not slowing down. Now, she'll be joining the faculty at Stanford's business school as a guest lecturer. *enrolls immediately*

The course, which will run for two weeks next May, is all about building your personal brand, and there's nobody who know better than Tyra how to do that. "Project You: Building and Extending Your Personal Brand" will be co-run by Tyra and faculty member/media expert Allison Kluger.

Though we can only imagine what a class with Tyra would be like, it turns out it won't be all fun and smizes. "If I see somebody not paying attention, I’m gonna call on them," Banks told the Wall Street Journal. But she'll make some exceptions for phone use—you're free to tweet anything she says!

We can't wait to see the queen of all things entertaining take on this new role and basically slay us all with her wisdom. After all, Banks has spent her entire career building her personal brand and proving that she still has more to give.