These Female Comedians Get Real About Why Men Aren't Funny

Recently, People gathered a team of female comedians to answer the question as old as time itself: "why aren't men funny?" Alright, now we know men are funny (um, have you seen Adam DeVine?) but People's brilliant parody of gender inequality and sexism in Hollywood towards female comedians needed to happen.

"When I think of stories about men, I," Emmy nominee Tracee Ellis Ross says. 

Male comedians have long stated that there just aren't any funny women in comedy, so Tracee Ellis Ross, Samantha Bee, Kate McKinnon and more got together for a very necessary video that essentially reflected the negative comments said about female comedians back at the clueless men who said them. 

"Their voices are so weird to my ears that when I hear a man say a joke, it just feels wrong," Samantha Bee adds. 

And of course, there's always the issue that women are being paid drastically less than men, which in the entertainment world really adds up as women reach the top of their carreers. Allison Janney laments, "Sometimes I wonder if men will ever be able to break through the glass ceiling." Janney continues that men don't really need to be involved in comedy at all and they should stop trying. They have their looks going for them, what else do they need? "If I'm with a man who's attractive, I don't really need him to be funny," she says. 

Honestly, this was the thing we needed in our life today. Keep fighting for equality ladies, and remember, our kind is hilarious AF.