Taylor Swift's Stalker Has Finally Been Sentenced To 10 Years Of Probation

Look what you made her do. Taylor Swift has just put an end to her stalker's antics, who has just received his sentence for threatening the artist and her family, as Teen Vogue notes. This isn't the first time Swift has had to fight off creeps-do I need to bring up the radio host she took to court last year? At least she has one less to deal with now.

Frank Andrew Hoover, the 39-year-old stalker was arrested back in 2016 for stalking the singer and he is now on probation for 10 years. Though it sounds like an easy way off, Hoover has tons of restrictions, TMZ reports. Hoover will be tracked via GPS for the first year of his probation and is required to stay a mile away from Taylor and her family members. He will also have to complete random drug tests, psychological tests and substance abuse classes. He will surrender any firearms and if he violates any of these conditions, he will be immediately hauled off to jail. That will show him not to mess with her. 

Hoover plead guilty to his charges, where he not only violated the protection order Swift and her family had against him, but also sent emails to Swift's father saying he would "end" them. Hoover also allegedly followed the Tay to the airport. Scary stuff, if you ask me.

Hopefully T-Swizzle will be sleeping peacefully knowing she doesn't have to worry about him anymore. It's about time.